Martin Luther King Day 2012: 25 Ways to Bring MLK's Message Home

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”

There’s more to Martin Luther King Day 2012 than no school, right? Let’s teach our tots a little about what his message means and how we can live it. Here you’ll find 25 books, DVDs and family activities to help guide us as we teach our kids about the major role Martin Luther King Jr. plays in the history and future of our country. After listening to his speech, celebrate Martin Luther King Day by making a multicolor hand wreath to adorn the door, or sit with your kids and write down what dreams you both have for a better tomorrow. Get inspired with these 25 ways to bring Martin Luther King’s message home…

  • Work Together 1 of 26
    Work Together
    Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is a wonderful book about the man and the dream.
    Buy it for $7.99 at Amazon.
  • Love One Another 2 of 26
    Love One Another
    Trout Fishing In America's album Big Round World is full of children's songs that teach them about the big world. Listening to their tune Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks is a fun activity for the day.
    Buy it for $14.99 at Amazon.
  • Dream Big 3 of 26
    Dream Big
    This is a perfect book for non-readers.
    Buy it for $7.95 at Amazon.
  • Share With Each Other 4 of 26
    Share With Each Other
    Have the whole family join in on putting this puzzle together.
    Buy it for $6.25 at Amazon.
  • Be Responsible 5 of 26
    Be Responsible
    This DVD contains the actual I Have a Dream speech as well as footage of the civil rights movement.
    Get it for $8.97 at Amazon.
  • Be Kind 6 of 26
    Be Kind
    This book goes into a little more detail about who Martin Luther King Jr. was and how he changed our world. Perfect for readers over age 7.
    Buy it for $4.99 at Amazon.
  • Be Caring 7 of 26
    Be Caring
    Now you can take Martin Luther King's message with you wherever you go. This is a great way for a new reader to practice and learn life lessons at the same time.
    Buy it for $5.99 at Barnes and Noble.
  • Give Peace a Chance 8 of 26
    Give Peace a Chance
    Teach your kids about how Martin Luther King stood up for peace between everyone of all races and colors.
    Learn how to make your own at Frugal Family Blog.
  • Equality 9 of 26
    It will be easier for the kids to understand why Martin Luther King's speech was so important when they know what it was like in America at the time.
    Buy it for $6.99 at Amazon.
  • Be Thankful 10 of 26
    Be Thankful
    Little Bill explains the importance of Martin Luther King and his impact on the world. This is perfect for little ones.
    You and the kids can watch it at Nick Jr..
  • Be a Good Friend 11 of 26
    Be a Good Friend
    This highly educational video contains real footage of Martin Luther King and features voices by Samuel L. Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover and many more.
    Buy it for $75.99 at Amazon.
  • Walk In Someone Else’s Shoes 12 of 26
    Walk In Someone Else's Shoes
    Go through each major step of Martin Luther King's life and explain to the kids why it was so important.
    Buy for $21.99 atAllPosters.
  • Believe 13 of 26
    Surprise your kids with their very own first biography this Martin Luther King day.
    Buy it for $3.99 at Amazon.
  • Hope 14 of 26
    Spend some time with the kids talking about this quote by Martin Luther King. Then, let them color it in while they think of their answer.
    Download the coloring page at Don't Eat the Paste.
  • Freedom 15 of 26
    Just as the cover says this 32 page book is perfect for those just learning to read and sends a powerful message.
    Buy it for $3.99 at Amazon.
  • Friendship 16 of 26
    Teach your kids about Martin Luther King's message while making a multicolor hand print wreath.
    Get the tutorial at Activity Village.
  • Listen To One Another 17 of 26
    Listen To One Another
    After explaining to the kids why Martin Luther King is so important you can listen to the original recording of his speech.
    Buy the Mp3 download for $0.99 at Amazon.
  • Help Each Other 18 of 26
    Help Each Other
    Have the kids write what their dreams are for themselves and for a better world. Then you can decorate your walls and windows with these dream clouds.
    Check them out and many more activities at Teach Preschool.
  • Believe in Yourself 19 of 26
    Believe in Yourself
    Doves often stand for a symbol of peace just like how Martin Luther King believed we could live in a world of peace.
    Learn how to make these peace doves at Frugal Family Fun.
  • Look Past the Colors 20 of 26
    Look Past the Colors
    A great book that teaches us to look past everyone's different colors because when we work together beautiful things can be made.
    Buy for $10.36 at Amazon.
  • Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr. 21 of 26
    Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr.
    A great read aloud book that is perfect for children of all ages.
    Buy it for $12.90 at Amazon.
  • Be Big! 22 of 26
    Be Big!
    Scholastic came up with a great program called Be Big in honor of Martin Luther King Day. This online program center is full video clips and activities centered around life lessons like how to play fair, have respect, work together, be responsible and many more.
    Check it out at Be Big.
  • Nothing Is Impossible 23 of 26
    Nothing Is Impossible
    This is a fun and easy project to do with the kids that will keep Martin Luther King's message alive.
    Find out how to make your own at Naturally Educational.
  • Let Freedom Ring 24 of 26
    Let Freedom Ring
    Martin Luther's King message rang throughout the country. Make a freedom bell to symbolize his powerful speech.
    Find out more at Twiggle Magazine.
  • I Have a Dream 25 of 26
    I Have a Dream
    A short video made as a school project that powerfully conveys Martin Luther Kings message through drawings.
    Find out more at Youtube.
  • How Will You Celebrate MLK Day? 26 of 26
    How Will You Celebrate MLK Day?

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