Mega Millions Winning Numbers! Did You Win? 5 Crazy Expensive Things You Can Now Afford

There are certain things almost every lottery winner buys after they win something like the Mega Millions jackpot. They buy a brand new big house, they buy a fancy new car, they go to Hawaii, they pay off all their debts, their families debts and maybe a couple friends debts. But after that’s done, then the spending is just all gravy! And if you were the lucky then you might as well buy these 5 super cool (and super expensive goodies.) And see below for the winning numbers.

The Mega Million winning numbers are: 15 – 47 – 4 – 25 – 8 and the megaball is 42.

Did YOU win? If so, stock up on these goodies below!

To cheer to your new good fortune, pick up a bottle of Dalmore’s Eos 59 Year Old Single Malt. It goes for a mere $20,000, but it does come in a fancy schmancy steel case and the liquor is stored in a mouth-blown Portuguese crystal decanter. But you’ll have to act fast since only 20 bottles were made.  See more here.

A Birkin Bag! His Hermes bag is a classic albeit a crazy expensive classic. You can pick up one for $65,000 in crocodile on eBay right here. But a word of warning… it’s pre-owned. Check it out here.

Not only will you have to buy yourself a top of the line iPad but you’ll have to get this Gresso iPad cover which is made from 200 year old African Blackwood and finished with 18k gold. No word on the price…but really if you have to ask you can’t afford it. But keep in mind, their iphone goes for $10,000.

How much do you think the above watch goes for? If you thought $1 million, well, you’d be wrong. This Patek Philippe Platinum World Time sold for $4 million back in 2002. Yes, $4 million dollars.

Or how about a fancy pair of high heels to wisk you away? These Stuart Weitzman heels that features 8 carats of diamond and 185 carats of well cut quality tanzanite. The cost back in the day? $2,000,000. And with inflation? Now they’re probably more.

Maybe it would be better to just invest that money?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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