It’s a Spectacle: Help Me Pick My New Glasses!

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I have been loving the super fashionable and incredibly affordable eyewear from Mezzmer for months now. And by “loving” what I really mean is “full out obsessing.” If you’re like me and you wear glasses, you know how tough it can be to find cool, trendy frames that are both stylish and easy on the wallet, but Mezzmer has it down! Prescription glasses are just $99, with a portion of all sales donated to charitable causes. Oh, and bonus! Shipping is free! Last Friday I ordered five pairs to try on, as part of their cool “try it at home” feature and they arrived yesterday to my absolute glee. (No, seriously, I think there was some clapping going on!) Today I am going to share all five pair with you so you can help me decide which ones to pick! (Reader beware: An obscene number of iPhone self-portraits are headed your way!) Chime in here or over at The Sweetest Occasion where you can see even more photos of my picks – I’d love to know which ones you think I should choose!

  • Mezzmer Eyewear Packaging 1 of 7
    Mezzmer Eyewear Packaging
    After incredibly fast and speedy shipping, my five selections showed up packaged in an adorable black fabric box. Love the attention to detail!
  • Pretty Little Glasses All in a Row 2 of 7
    Pretty Little Glasses All in a Row
    Inside, all of the glasses were lined up and beautifully displayed. They come with clear, non-prescription lenses and you get to keep them for 5 days to try on and obsess over. Shipping is free both ways!
  • Rodeo in Tortoise 3 of 7
    Rodeo in Tortoise
    Option 1: Rodeo in Tortoise. I love the oversized, blocky shape! Totally geek chic.
  • Presley in Black Crystal 4 of 7
    Presley in Black Crystal
    Option 2: Presley in Black Crystal. These are a little more ladylike and would definitely be a good choice for a narrower or heart-shaped face. Love these ones, too!
  • Mickey in Brown Fade 5 of 7
    Mickey in Brown Fade
    Option 3: Mickey in Brown Fade. The cool color of these frames is awesome, but may be a little trendy for me for everyday wear!
  • Havana in Honey 6 of 7
    Havana in Honey
    Option 4: Havana in Honey. These ones are seriously rockin', but I think they might be a little too large for my face even though I adore them.
  • Town Hall in Tortoise-2 7 of 7
    Town Hall in Tortoise-2
    Option 5: Town Hall in Tortoise-2. These are the frames that originally caught my eye. And they're definitely a strong contender!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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