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10 amazing wallpaper designs from

A few years ago I fell squarely and completely into the “I loathe wallpaper” camp. It was a topic that was entirely non-negotiable. Then wallpaper got a makeover. An amazing, modern, beautiful makeover and ever since then I have been completely smitten and biding my time until I’m in a space where I can bust out a little wallpaper love. Yes, wallpaper takes a long time to put up and it can be a pain to take down. I get it. But that’s why you pick one wall or a small room and create a bold statement. Gone are the days of slapping paper on every available surface. Consider wallpapering your half bath or creating a focal point behind the crib in a nursery. Wallpaper is back, friends, and it’s better than ever! Don’t believe me? Here are 10 amazing wallpaper designs!

  • Daydream Wallpaper 1 of 10
    Daydream Wallpaper
    I have been outright obsessed with this wallpaper for a while now. I love it for a bathroom, an office or a mud room!
    $125 for 30' from Hygge & West.
  • Petal Pusher Wallpaper 2 of 10
    Petal Pusher Wallpaper
    Another huge favorite of mine, the abstract gold metallic flowers of this pattern is both modern and totally beautiful.
    $125 for 30' from Hygge & West.
  • Bows Wallpaper 3 of 10
    Bows Wallpaper
    This pattern is so sweet, but the deep charcoal color paired with gold makes it really sophisticated, too. Wouldn't it be perfect in a bedroom?
    $125 for 30' from Hygge & West.
  • Gran Wallpaper 4 of 10
    Gran Wallpaper
    Shut the front door! How adorable is this wallpaper? It's chic and whimsical with sweet little pine trees with a clean Scandinavian vibe.
    $53 per square meter from Fine Little Day.
  • Mosaic Wallpaper 5 of 10
    Mosaic Wallpaper
    The rich colors of this graphic mosaic pattern make it perfect for a larger space. An office or a library would be perfect!
    $84 per square meter from Minakani Lab.
  • Field Poppies Wallpaper 6 of 10
    Field Poppies Wallpaper
    I love all of Amy Butler's pretty wallpaper patterns, but this bold midnight-hued field poppies design is one of my favorites! It's perfect for a bedroom or bathroom.
    $82 for 33' from Graham & Brown .
  • Animals Wallpaper 7 of 10
    Animals Wallpaper
    I fell totally head over heels for this oversized, illustrated wallpaper pattern. The animal characters make it ideal for a kids room or nursery!
    $84 per square meter from Minakani Lab.
  • Painted Gate Wallpaper 8 of 10
    Painted Gate Wallpaper
    This subtle pattern is the ultimate in sophistication. I love this pick for a living room!
    Find a retailer at Kreme Life.
  • Ohoy Wallpaper 9 of 10
    Ohoy Wallpaper
    Another charming and versatile pattern, I love these hand illustrated ships and boats for a kids room, an office or library, or even a bathroom!
    $53 per square meter from Fine Little Day.
  • Blazing Poppies Wallpaper 10 of 10
    Blazing Poppies Wallpaper
    Feeling kind of bold? These brightly colored poppies will satisfy your color craving. This pattern is practically begging to dress up a focal wall in the bedroom or your half bath!
    $148 for 27' from Anthropologie.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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