Moms Want to Eat, Pray, Love Too!

By now, all of us have probably read the book Eat, Pray, Love and are breathlessly awaiting tonight’s premier of the Julia Roberts toothsome version. After all, there are so few smart movies for real women. So hopefully, this one won’t disappoint, (er, we all know what could happen when a good book is translated onto film). I will provide my full Eat Pray Love movie review next week.

That said, however bland or misguided or wonderful the film turns out to be, there’s something to be said for the message of the film — awakening, the search for self, finding freedom. And while I won’t be running off to leave my family in search of the holy trifecta of spirtual wisdom, I may just run off for the afternoon to find my own brand of spiritualism that I call “fall shopping”!

View pics from the new Calypso Fall 2010 Collection…

Call me silly, call me trite, but besides the daily risk-taking of running a business, my risk tolerance for traveling the world and letting the chips fall where they may has vanished into the vortex of my brazen single years. The only risk taking I could stomach right now is taking some chances with my fall wardrobe.

And the Calypso Fall Collection is a great way to start. Sure, it’s a French line, but the boho spirit of the movie could not be better captured than via these timeless, effortless and chic clothes that can take any woman or mom around the world and back.

So this fall, I will be doing some serious eating, praying and loving, too, albeit on the store-lined streets of Soho in search of my fashion awakening.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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