Most Inappropriate Halloween Costumes: The Worst Yet

Last year we brought you disturbingly inappropriate halloween costumes, and this year we’re back with another installment. And these Jersey Shore kids? They’re average compared to the rest of these costume ideas for kids:

  • Prom Night Dumpster Baby 1 of 12
    Prom Night Dumpster Baby
    If your teen wants to dress up as a dumpster baby mama, shut that down. [via].
  • Pimp 2 of 12
    It's just not funny. Seriously. [via].
  • Go-Go Dancer 3 of 12
    Go-Go Dancer
    The outfit could be worse, but there's something about a little girl dressing up in knee-high white boots and calling herself a go-go dancer...[via].
  • Monster High 4 of 12
    Monster High
    Seriously? Monster High dolls are bad enough, but dressing up a pre-tween in those clothes? [via].
  • Baby Rabbi 5 of 12
    Baby Rabbi
    The offensiveness is palpable. [via].
  • Hitler Costume 6 of 12
    Hitler Costume
    Yep. [via].
  • Roadkill 7 of 12
    Sure it's funny until his dog gets run over. A little insensitive, no? [via].
  • Child Suicide Bomber 8 of 12
    Child Suicide Bomber
    I don't know which is worse, the incredibly inappropriate (parent-made?) costume, or his menacing look. [via].
  • wrong11 9 of 12
    It's not like she's dressing up in sweats and carrying around a bucket of cleaning products. She's a FRENCH maid, which is always sexualized. [via].
  • Britney circa 1999 10 of 12
    Britney circa 1999
    Parents had issues with 16-year-old Britney Spears performing in outfits like this. Why do we now think it's cute for an 8 year old? [via].
  • Harem Girl 11 of 12
    Harem Girl
    And this goes for other historically sexual and/or slightly racist costumes like Geisha girls. [via].
  • Jersey Shore 12 of 12
    Jersey Shore
    I want to hate this. I want to say that it's wildly inappropriate, because it is. But honestly? These kids look like the real deal. [via].

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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