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    Home decor inspired by our favorite movies
  • The Room: Foyer, Home Alone 2 of 13
    The Room: Foyer  Home Alone
    Say what you will about the McCallister's security systems, but you've got to admit their house was kind of killer. Most notable of all was their entryway: perfectly suited for sledding down stairs, knocking out bad guys, and heartfelt reunions with Mom.
  • The Look: Chicago-Suburb Glamour 3 of 13
    The Look: Chicago-Suburb Glamour
    You don’t have to fight off a bunch of (fairly poor) robbers to get the classy Home Alone look: Go for deep reds and just a touch of Christmas year-round with the classic Flexible Flyer sled.
    Sled, L.L. Bean, $71.20 | Red chair, Target, $135.99 | Wallpaper, Flat Vernacular, $175 | End Table, Pottery Barn, $199
  • The Room: Living Room High Fidelity 4 of 13
    The Room: Living Room  High Fidelity
    Quick: name your top five desert-island albums. John Cusak's character in 2000’s High Fidelity was the ultimate music-guy bachelor. Shove the endless boxes of records to the side (totally messing up the alphabetization) and get Cusak's mopey, musical look without sacrificing on style.
  • The Look: Casually Minded Music Editor 5 of 13
    The Look: Casually Minded Music Editor
    Why isn’t there any seating in this living room? Well, we needed to save a part of the room for the record collection. Feel free to brood anywhere on the carpet.
    Record cabinet, Urban Outfitters, $249 | Record clock, Kirkkerland, $15 | Record bowls, Uncommon Goods | $25, High Fidelity poster, | Photo strip, Kikkerland, $9 | Nesting Tables, Anthropologie, $898
  • The Room: Master Bedroom Marie Antoinette 6 of 13
    The Room: Master Bedroom Marie Antoinette
    Talk about waking up on the right side of the bed: the bedroom of the doomed queen played by Kirsten Dunst in Sofia Coppola's 2006 film plays to the endlessly opulent, girly side in us — we'll take all of the elegance and none of those ladies-in-waiting, thanks.
  • The Look: Affordable Royalty 7 of 13
    The Look: Affordable Royalty
    If you dig the former Queen’s look but don’t have a budget quite her size (or want to prove that commoners can totally decorate, too), these pieces give off a French and feminine vibe without sending your finances to the guillotine.
    Duvet cover, IKEA, $59.99 | Nightstand, Urban Outfitters, $179 | Mirror, IKEA, $29.99 | Vanity, Anthropologie, $698 | Bust, Amazon, $15
  • The Room: Bathroom Psycho 8 of 13
    The Room: Bathroom  Psycho
    While the infamous shower scene in 1960's Psycho made us never want to shower again, the ultimate film buff would be amiss to strike Hollywood decor-gold with a bathroom a la Bates.
  • The Look: Campy Horror 9 of 13
    The Look: Campy Horror
    Turn a wishy-washy water closet into something scary good (yeah, we went there) — and, okay, a little creepy — with these accent pieces. Just think: you already have one room pre-decorated for Halloween.
    Shower curtain, Uncommon Goods, $16 | Motel sign, Costume Supercenter, $32.99 | Waste basket, Kikkerland, $15 | Suction Hooks, Kikkerland, $9 | Bathmat, Perpetual Kid, $17.99
  • The Room: Kids’ Bedroom Star Wars 10 of 13
    The Room: Kids' Bedroom  Star Wars
    Given your kids' cleanliness level, you may wish their room was in a galaxy far, far away — but if your square footage doesn't allow for that, putting him up in a bedroom Luke and Leia would drool over is good enough.
  • The Look: Space Geek 11 of 13
    The Look:  Space Geek
    This is the home décor you’re looking for — cute and quirky enough to please any junior Jedi.
    Bedding, Amazon, $68.68 | Light, Rosenberry Rooms, $230 | Wall Decal, Toys ‘R Us, $49.99 | Welcome Mat, Etsy, $45 | Alarm Clock, Amazon, $34.95
  • The Room: Kitchen The Graduate 12 of 13
    The Room: Kitchen  The Graduate
    Here’s to you, Mrs. Braddock — and your great décor skills. So many crucial scenes happened in the Braddock’s kitchen in the 1967 film The Graduate, but we were too busy ogling the kitchen (are those two refrigerators?) to notice.
  • The Look: ’70s Sleek 13 of 13
    The Look: '70s Sleek
    Take the sleek aesthetic used in The Graduate to inspire clean lines of metallic and white in your kitchen — sure, spills might show more, but the overall effect when it’s spotless is worth the trouble.
    Table, Amazon, $475 | Chair, Amazon, $117 | Refrigerator, Amazon, $2,341.86 | Toaster, Sears, $63.53
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