Mr. and Ms. Food Face Plates

They’re like Wooly Willy for your food! Wait, that doesn’t make them sound appealing. What I mean to say is that they’re a fun, parent-approved way for kids to play with their food! (Yes, that’s better.)

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how to best make faces with your food…

  • Mr. Food Face 1 of 12
    Mr. Food Face
    Clean-shaven and ready to go…
  • Mrs. Food Face 2 of 12
    Mrs. Food Face
    She's just calling out for some hair on that bald little head…
  • I Pity the Fool 3 of 12
    I Pity the Fool
    …that doesn't eat his veggies.
  • Billie Hollandaise 4 of 12
    Billie Hollandaise
    Asparagus never looked so good!
  • Angel Hair 5 of 12
    Angel Hair
    Nice lips, dude.
  • Spa Day 6 of 12
    Spa Day
    Ahhhh, so relaxing. Mind if I borrow those cucumbers?
  • Barry Berry 7 of 12
    Barry Berry
    That goatee looks delicious.
  • Granny Sprinkles 8 of 12
    Granny Sprinkles
    Just like granny to spoil the kids with dessert for dinner.
  • Nice Beard 9 of 12
    Nice Beard
    The top of your head looks a little chilly though.
  • Caramel Miranda 10 of 12
    Caramel Miranda
    Cha cha cha!
  • Give Peas a Chance 11 of 12
    Give Peas a Chance
    I tip my hat to you, sir.
  • Pasta Louisa 12 of 12
    Pasta Louisa
    Woah, like far out, man.

Available as Mr. Food Face and Ms. Food Face.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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