This 4-Year-Old Had a ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Birthday Party and We’re So Jealous

Image Source: Laura Kowalski

Like most moms with multiple children, sometimes things just kind of … slip your mind. Even, you know, a child’s birthday.

This was the case for Michigan mom Laura Kowalski, who realized one evening that her son Evan’s birthday was two weeks away.

But what she lacked in timing she made up for in creativity! When she discussed birthday party ideas with the soon-to-be 4-year-old, his theme choice was anything but ordinary. Evan wanted a Mrs. Doubtfire-themed birthday party. And while we’ve seen some pretty unique birthday party themes in the past, this one takes the cake.

“We love watching movies together. It’s one of our favorite things to do together as a family,” Laura tells Babble. In fact, she and her husband Jason had started showing their three kids classic ‘90s films, such as Home Alone and Toy Story, but when they put Mrs. Doubtfire on, Evan was “instantly hooked.”

Image Source: Laura Kowalski

I mean, who wouldn’t love this classic comedy with Robin Williams running around, dressed as his children’s female nanny? Plus, how adorable is Sally Field?!

Clearly Evan agrees.

Laura tells Babble that the idea completely “threw [her] for a loop!” While she had originally suggested themes such as soccer or bugs (two other things Evan enjoys), Evan had other plans in mind.

“As with most kids his age, once their mind is made up, that’s that. Mrs. Doubtfire it was!” says Laura.

Lauren Kowalski and her son Evan
Lauren Kowalski and her son Evan | Image Source: Laura Kowalski

So the determined mom scoured the Internet for Mrs. Doubtfire party items, but, unsurprisingly, found nothing. “Apparently people don’t have Mrs. Doubtfire parties often?” Laura jokes.

She eventually found a bakery that was willing to make a cake that looked like the infamous character. Angie Claxon of Cakes by Sweetypants enthusiastically volunteered for the task, and clearly did an amazing job!

Mrs. Doubtfire cake close-up
Image Source: Laura Kowalski

As for the rest of the party décor, Laura says she just winged it. “I have never in my life thrown a party like this before,” she tells Babble, explaining that she usually opts for the easy route when it comes to birthday parties, but this was one mission Etsy couldn’t solve.

She tapped her artist cousin to draw the pictures of Mrs. Doubtfire, and her mom helped with the fruit skewers — cleverly accompanied by an “It was a run-by-fruiting” sign, referencing the scene when Mrs. Doubtfire throws a kiwi at his ex-wife’s new love interest.

fruits skewers appetizer
Image Source: Laura Kowalski

The final touch was the goodie bags, which Laura made herself. She bought plain white bags (because, again, no such thing as Mrs. Doubtfire party supplies), glued on a photo, and wrote, “Thank you for coming, dear!” on each.

Mrs. Doubtfire goodie bags
Image Source: Laura Kowalski

And while the theme may not have been appreciated by some of the younger party attendees, Laura tells Babble that the parents were very impressed.

“The reaction I got from the parents was awesome. I especially wished I had gotten their reaction when I brought the cake out. They swarmed the table to get photos. It was so funny!” she says.

And Evan absolutely loved his party, which was really all that mattered, anyway.

Image Source: Laura Kowalski

So what do you say, Evan, Forrest Gump party next year?

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