Must Try Hairstyles From J.Crew Kids

Inspiration can come from anywhere, big or small. In this case, it’s small. The little ladies on J.Crew’s kids line Crewcuts have such lovely style and their hairstyles are no exception! Here are some great hair-do’s for you ladies big or small. See all of these hairstyles and more here, on J.Crew.

  • High Side Bun 1 of 7
    High Side Bun
    I'm not sure why but I just love this one. High and to the side please!
  • Low Side Twisty Bun 2 of 7
    Low Side Twisty Bun
    A fun "twist" (ha!) on the low bun.
  • Down and Dandy 3 of 7
    Down and Dandy
    Keep it down but add some fancy braids or twists to shake things up.
  • High Mid Messy Bun 4 of 7
    High Mid Messy Bun
    A high bun with a little mess. It's playful and simple. Love it!
  • Wavy Pony 5 of 7
    Wavy Pony
    I see the sleek pony all the time and while I like it, the wavy pony seems more natural and easy.
  • Side Braid 6 of 7
    Side Braid
    How Benny & Joon is this picture? So great! A pretty side braid is great for any age.
  • Half and Half 7 of 7
    Half and Half
    Can't make up your mind between an up or down do? How about half and half?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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