My 3 Favorite Laundry Tips

stain fighting tips
When I was little my mom joked that the phrase she heard me say the most was, “Does (fill in the blank) stain?” Not much has changed and it seems like a new spot on my clothing pops up everyday. So below I’m sharing a couple simple laundry tips for those stains and another one to solve the case of the missing sock.

1. For those pesky oil stains (I guess I cook too much bacon), blot the spot with baking soda and let sit for 20 minutes. Brush off excess powder and wash like normal.

2. For pit stains that ruin your perfect white shirt, mix two crushed aspirin in a half cup warm water and apply to stain before washing.

3. To solve the missing sock conundrum, have each member of your family put their dirty pairs of socks in a small mesh laundry bag before washing. It also makes sorting and folding a lot simpler.

Bonus tip! Use good detergent. I go with the generic brand on many things but there really is a clear difference between low grade detergent and name brands. I personally like Tide. Tide gets rid of tough stains. But what about those special stains you want to save? Do you think this is ridiculous and can’t think of any stain you’d want to keep? Well, tune in during the Super Bowl to see a stain really worth saving.

But wait there’s more…Go to and get a free Tide Stain Eraser sample, for those stains you don’t want to save.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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