My Fall Fashion Favorites

I know it’s too soon, I know I know, but these days my Pinterest board is just overflowing with all these really exciting fall outfits, and I just can’t contain myself any more! Fall! Come now! Please!

After the jump, my very favorite of the upcoming fall trends. Maybe you’ll spot a few of your favorites, too!

  • Army Navy Surplus Inspired 1 of 16
    Army Navy Surplus Inspired
    This fall I'm really digging the aggressive colors: black, army green, brown, gray, and beige. I'm envisioning a neutral , nearly colorless color palette, broken up with interesting textures. I would kill for this khaki/leather/sheepskin combo. It's completely perfect.
    Image via The StreetStyle Tumblr.
  • Wide Legged Denim, With Slouch 2 of 16
    Wide Legged Denim, With Slouch
    I love the slouchy proportions of these wide-legged jeans paired with the blousy top. And that hat! Wear your highest, most comfortable platform wedges to give this look a statuesque length and alleviate the "too many wide items" blues.
    Image via Lookbook.
  • Marled Cardigans and Tall Shoes 3 of 16
    Marled Cardigans and Tall Shoes
    Marled cardigans were hot last year and they're set to be a huge closer player again this fall. Something about those marled colors looks perfectly academic, nonchalant, and sumptuous. I especially love the oversized proportions here. And I'm starting to get the feeling this fall is going to be all about the enormous shoes. Clunky, sky high shoes make your legs look twig-like by comparison. Who wouldn't want that?
    Image via Pinterest, Uploaded By User.
  • Worn-in Menswear 4 of 16
    Worn-in Menswear
    The more authentically mussed and worn-in the better. This fall is not the time for pristine patent leathers and perfectly ironed pleats-- it's time to wear those perfectly abused brogues of yours with pride. (In my imagination this person is wearing a denim top, thus fulfilling one of my other favorite trends for fall, the double denim.)
    Image via Frames of Reading Road.
  • Blush On Black 5 of 16
    Blush On Black
    The play between feminine and masculine is so inspiring to me lately. I can't wait to feel a chilly breeze on my legs. Black booties and a leather jacket are essential to roughing up this otherwise too-delicate look.
    Image via Pinterest.
  • Clogs and Bed Head 6 of 16
    Clogs and Bed Head
    Personally I'm excited to rock some bed head this fall, because straight ironing my hair is boring. A good head of mussed hair is the perfect accessory to a basic jeans and a sweater look. And here's my follow-up thought: How many pairs of clogs is too many pairs of clogs? Because I want ALL of the clogs.
    Image via Madewell.
  • Slouch, Slouch, and More Slouch 7 of 16
    Slouch, Slouch, and More Slouch
    The prevailing silhouette of my dream fall wardrobe is wide and swingy on the top, slim and tailored through the lower middle, and then enormously tall and clunky on the feet. After a summer of shorts and tees and skimpy sandals, I can't wait to douse myself in drapey, soft sweaters and arm my feet with Frankenstein shoes. I am so ready!
    Image via Free People.
  • Tweedy, Nubby Textures 8 of 16
    Tweedy, Nubby Textures
    Sometimes it feels like fall blasts by so quickly, you're into winter coats before you've had a chance to really enjoy sweater weather. This year I plan to prolongue the fall as long as possible with strategic layering. The tweedier, nubbier, bulkier the better. Coats schmoats.
    Image via Granite Canyons.
  • Giant Scarves 9 of 16
    Giant Scarves
    On that note, I'm getting the sense that this fall is going to be all about the oversized scarves. Look for giant eternity scarves meant to be wrapped three or four (or five!) times. And hey! If you started knitting one now, you'd probably finish it sometime end of September. Go go!
    Image via Rickshaw Design.
  • Made For The Men, Worn By The Ladies 10 of 16
    Made For The Men, Worn By The Ladies
    The time will come for coats, and I've been dreaming of the perfect men's wool coat. Simple lines, with no waist, and a single button. I managed to find mine on eBay last week and I am dying with excitement to wear it.
    Image via Carolines Mode.
  • Head Scarves Ahead 11 of 16
    Head Scarves Ahead
    Fall is blustery and windy, and sometimes here in the city I can get away with no coat, so long as my fingers and ears are warm. I'm excited for the prospect of head scarves cum ear muffs. I call that cute multitasking. If you haven't tried a headscarf yet you really should. They're not nearly as intimidating as they might seem. Once on, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it a million years sooner!
    Image via Fossil.
  • Structured Blazers 12 of 16
    Structured Blazers
    Blazers and fall go together like hot cocoa and marshmallows.
    Image via The Sartorialist.
  • Utilitarian Shoes 13 of 16
    Utilitarian Shoes
    Duck boots for the win!
    Image via Shut Up I Love That Shirt On You.
  • Felt Hats After The Style of Indiana Jones 14 of 16
    Felt Hats After The Style of Indiana Jones
    I'm so doing this. I don't even care if I look silly!
    Image via Shut Up I Love That Shirt On You.
  • Boyfriend Jeans 15 of 16
    Boyfriend Jeans
    All hail the boyfriend jeans! Don't pack these away with the rest of your summer clothes, these work horses are going to be essential this fall. When it starts to get really chilly, toss on a pair of leggings underneath. They're oversized, remember? They can take it.
    Image via Chicisimo.
  • Utility Jackets 16 of 16
    Utility Jackets
    If your jacket has more than four pockets and manages to look even better when rumpled, you know you've got yourself a winner. Pair it with something floaty and sweet and then YOU'RE the winner.
    Image via Atlantic-Pacific.

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