My Favorite Disney Park Snacks

Maybe I’m just really hungry, but I can’t get the image of a Disneyland turkey leg out of my head. Or how about a Blue Bayou Monte Cristo? Now we’re talking! Sweet and savory and utterly deep fried, meant to be enjoyed in near-darkness among the mechanical lightning bugs next to pirate boats swishing to and fro in the murky, chlorinated waters of Pirates of the Caribbean. Doesn’t that sound amazing right now? Pass the jelly!

Eating is a big part of the fun of visiting the Disney parks, and for me, getting on line for a Disney churro is every bit as exciting as finally getting a seat on a wet logs for a trip down Splash Mountain.

After the jump, the Disney snacks I always leave room for when we’re at the parks. Enjoy!

  • Blue Bayou Monte Cristo 1 of 10
    Blue Bayou Monte Cristo
    If you remember to book a reservation up front and don't mind taking a break from the park for a nice, slow dinner in the dark, you'll be rewarded with the Monte Cristo. It's a gut bomb of sugar, ham, and amazingness, and I'm obsessed with it. Everything on the menu at the Blue Bayou is decent, but this is the best.(Only available at Disneyland.)
    Image via D23.
  • Churros 2 of 10
    Oh my lover the churro! Be forewarned, you'll need about five a day, and at Disney World there is only ONE churro cart! (Frontier Land. And now you know.)
    Image via The Disneyland Churros Facebook Page (it's real!).
  • Mickey Waffles 3 of 10
    Mickey Waffles
    Should you be staying on park (or able to get in to the park early enough), you're going to want breakfast. If your breakfast doesn't come Mickey-shaped, you're doing it wrong.
    Image via Disney Food Blog.
  • Turkey Leg 4 of 10
    Turkey Leg
    Oh holy meatiness! A turkey leg is so gross it's good, and the perfect dinner-on-the-run (or while waiting on the eternities-long line for Splash Mountain). You can't not get a turkey leg. Split with a friend if necessary. These are so good.
    Image via
  • Corn Dog 5 of 10
    Corn Dog
    I don't know what it is in these bad boys but they are AMAZING. We got one for Huck when we were in Disney World in May and promptly ate most of it while he wasn't looking. Shoot, I guess we'll need to buy one (or two) more!
    Image via Disney Food Blog.
  • Dole Whip 6 of 10
    Dole Whip
    In any incarnation, float or not, you need a Dole Whip. Period. Rumor has it not a lot of people know about this amazingness. The line is always too long, but this treat is worth the wait. Always.
    Image via Magical Mousecapades.
  • Hot Chocolate 7 of 10
    Hot Chocolate
    If you go to the parks off-season, you're in for a treat. At night when it starts to get just-almost chilly is the perfect time to snag yourself a hot chocolate. They are divine. What is their secret? Pixie dust, I am sure.
    Image via Disney Food Blog.
  • Disney Rice Krispie Treats 8 of 10
    Disney Rice Krispie Treats
    Somehow it became a tradition for me to get a mickey-shaped Rice Krispie treat whenever I'm at the parks, though the quality has gone down in recent visits. Nowadays they're selling these giant Mickey heads? Fifty bucks? Next time I'm totally doing it. That's a lot of marshmallow!
    Image via Disney Everyday.
  • A Burger At Hungry Bear 9 of 10
    A Burger At Hungry Bear
    I like to go and mourn the loss of my favorite animatronic musical revue by ordering a juicy burger and some fries and watching the Rivers of America float by next to me. Disneyland only, the folks at Disney World know what's up and have kept the Country Bear Jamboree running.
    Image via The Mouse For Less.
  • Caramel Apple at Pooh Corner 10 of 10
    Caramel Apple at Pooh Corner
    Another Disneyland-only specialty. It's tucked away behind Splash Mountain and they have the cutest, most delicious assortment of caramel apples and chocolate-dipped marshmallows. We always get one and savor it slowly. They are the best. Mmmmm.
    Image via Flickr.

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