My Intimates Journey: The 7-Day Fabulous U Bali Challenge

I was recently asked to take part in a very interesting promotion. The Bali 7-Day Fabulous U Challenge. Bali, the legendary undergarment company would send me a variety of their bras, undies and body shapers to try out over a period of seven days. I could not say no. I really, really needed some new undergarments.

Being a busy working mom of a four-year-old, I just don’t have time to go out lingerie shopping. And I don’t think she yet has the patience to sit through the time sucking process that going out bra shopping takes. She has a tendency to try to wear them on her head like their ear muffs and trying to escape from the dressing room while I’m in my skivies. It is not a desirable situation but getting a big box of underwear to try and test in the mail, that is. So how did the Bali products rate? What did I love? What did I like? What didn’t work? Check out my 7-Days of Bali Fabulous Me-ness right here:

Day 1:
When I went to my bra fitting at my local Macy’s, I met with a seasoned Bali rep. She had been working with the company for over twenty years and really knew her stuff. I hadn’t been measured in ages, but I was still a totally average…a 36B. One thing for sure, my cup…it does not runneth over. Most of my bras that I wear daily fit to a T. But one thing about how Bali fits on my particular body was that the size I usually wore was two big in the cup. Turns out Bali is cut and sized more on the full size and the companies I usually wear Natori or Felina which seem, at least to me, a bit smaller in the cup. When we tried on a series of bras there was just one that would work with my bust, the Bali Concealers Back Smoothing Underwire…and boy did it work. I loved it immediately. It was comfortable, gave me a great shape and it features their Comfort-U design which helps keep the straps in place…a problem I’ve faced with other bras. So far we were off to a great start!  Bali Concealers Back Smoothing Underwire $34 here.

Day 2:
A good excuse to go the gym? To try out my new activewear bra. I’ve been using the same sports bra for years…it’s worn, slightly torn and a bit stretched out, so a new option was very welcome. I tried out the Bali Active Wirefree. It’s meant for moderate activity but I pushed the limits and wore it on the treadmills, and you know what? It worked great. It has special “moisture management fabric in the cup so I didn’t feel all sweaty and icky while I was getting…well sweaty and icky! It has a racerback so it stays put while your doing the opposite of staying put. Turns out it’s great for action. One issue I did have with it was that you have to put it over your head to get it on as well as latch teeth in the back, but in the end that just gives you more support. $34 here.

Day 3:
I could totally see how the Double Support Lightly Lined bra would be great for someone other than me. Someone who has more to fill out the cup, but it just didn’t work with my body. Its secure cup edges made the bra look almost torpedo looking on me, but that’s just me. It’s based on their top selling bra so it seems to work for somebody! But me, I don’t need something with double support…single support would do me dandy. $29 here

I wore this bra along side the Torset Top. I’m a total shapewear novice, so this kind of cut was completely new to me, and good news for sure. It’s a tummy control top that slims the waist but you can wear your own bra with it so you can still have the va va voom of your favorite bra and pair it with a slimming goodness of the Torset Top. It feels like someone is giving you a great big hug. But since I’m not generally a shapewear wearer, I did feel a bit cinched and short of breath and just a little dizzy, but hey, sometimes you have to suffer for fashion! $34 here.

Day 4:
Who wants a firmer bum? Don’t we all? The Seamless Brief $20 here is a lightweight way to give your behind a bit of a life while smooth out your tummy. It’s not hardcore control but it does the job.  I made the mistake of wearing the control brief with the Seamless V-Neck Cami $32 here. The two pieces seemed to be at war both trying to do whatever they could to cinch my stomach. Note to self…wear just ONE piece of shapewear at a time when possible. But as soon as I took one of the other off, I was fine. The Cami is great a slimming in a subtle way but the one drawback was the the bottom would roll up while I was out and about and I found myself having to roll it back down throughout the day, like a sausage coming out of it’s skin, yeah that wasn’t working out too well.

Day 5:
Personally, I like an underwire bra. I just do. So I was surprised by the Back to Beautiful Wirefree bra since it has the support, feel and look of an underwire bra without actually having pieces of metal lodged beneath your breasts. Pretty cool. It also features the Comfort-U technology, so those straps…they ain’t going nowhere. It has smooth fit and feel so works really well under a slew of tops like the light silk top I opted to pair it with. And if a bra can look seamless under silk, you know you’ve got a good thing. $34 here.

Day 6:
You know what’s cool? The 2-Ply Hi Waist Thigh slimmer. It made me feel like I lost a dress size (or two). I was able to fit into this super cute Lilly Pulitizer silk dress that I hadn’t been able to wear for a while and it looked great. The only issue was the thigh support went almost to my knees so you’d have to wear it with a longer garment (the Pulitzer dress is a little on the short side) or wear a pair of tights over them (but then you get a little line underneath the tights). But it really does keep the body under control, very slimming although I couldn’t imagine wearing it for too long since it did have a bit of the tight “I don’t know if I can breath” feel. But you can beat the price, at just $22 here.

Day 7:
Sometimes you just need a little lift. Bali has been lifting breasts for eons, and they’ve headed a bit lower, they’re lifting the bum.  Their firm control brief has something called “fused panel technology for targeted control,” not that’s not NASA speak, that’s just the jargon for these undies. Now many women deal with a bit of a paunch after having a baby, and I’m one of them even though it was four years ago. Sigh. These brief really tighten it all up, back to the feeling of prebaby abs. It’s high waisted so it starts to control right under your ribs and smoothes down to your thighs and it does a great job. But for those who have a bit of meat on their hips, might feel a bit uncomfortable with the cut off at the legs, since it doesn’t go long enough to control the thighs as well.  $36 here.

So my favorites? The Bali Concealers Back Smoothing Underwire and the Torset Top.  My least favorites? The Double Support Lightly Lined bra and the Seamless V-Neck Cami.

You can check out the whole line yourself right here and take your very own 7-Day Challenge!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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