New! Adorable Plush Record Toys and the Best of Heidi Kenney

Are you a fan of toys that look like food? I definitely am! Which is why I’m tickled to discover that Heidi Kenney, the woman behind the cult favorite Yummy Breakfast keychain series, has been making many additions to her Etsy shop and Kidrobot product line.

By now, her uber adorable plush food toys have become an icon in the world of things to covet — and of kids toys that we’d want for ourselves. In honor of her latest products, I’ve gathered what I think is the best of Heidi Kenney. I suggest you fawn over the delightful (and often delicious) plush toys, add them to your shopping cart under the pretention of buying the best gift ever for your kid, then “borrow” them as soon as your kid’s distracted by school or sleep.

The Best of Heidi Kenney

Just added to her flickr stream and newly available in her Etsy shop as of this past Friday, these plush records are possibly my favorite of all time. Made of super soft fleece, these darling disks also boast cotton printed with record info just like real labels have — on both sides! If you’re a music fan — ahem, if your baby’s a music prodigy-to-be — this would no doubt be a perfect purchase.

Maybe it’s simply because my days always go better when they begin with a nice slab of butter and generous amounts of maple syrup, but I can’t keep from smiling at the sight of these super cute flapjacks. And with that charming off-center smirk, really, who else can resist? (Available at kidrobot.)

Whether or not you’re a fan of the greasy real-life fast food, it’s truly difficult not to fall for this bright grin. Many of Heidi Kenney’s plushes are sweet and somewhat shy, what with their upturned eyes, but this pizza plush looks straight at you with unabashed cheer. If anyone ever needs a pick-me-up, this happy slice of dough will perk them right up.

Though it isn’t quite hot chocolate weather just yet, there’s no reason not to hug this adorable mug close to your heart. Sure, the life-sized plush might be a fun gag in your kitchen cabinet, but the pom-pom marshmallows truly top it off! Less fuzzy than the pizza and pancake with fleece and felt, this is a great choice for allergy-sensitive kids.

Let’s just forget for a minute that this is a plush toy that’s a freaking¬†S’more. Let’s just forget how amazing that is. Instead, look at those ridiculously big and mesmerizingly beautiful eyes. They’re pleading, “Please take me with you! I’m so adorable.” What else can you do but take this plush toy home? The connection is undeniable.

If anyone can make toilet paper cute, it’s Heidi Kenney. Who would’ve thought this could look so cuddly? I’m no expert, but my feeling is that if your kid is struggling with potty training, the promise of this plush will have him or her ditching the diapers in no time.

Though these felt envelopes no longer seem to be available, they definitely deserve a spot on this list. Made to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2009, this ingenious plush is actually functional, with velcro to protect whatever love letters and messages you might place inside. If Heidi Kenney makes more of these, snail mail would never run the risk of becoming obsolete!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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