New Children’s Art + Craft Series at IKEA

Word on the street has it that IKEA is launching a revised art and craft MÅLA series in February.  The MÅLA series of art supplies for children will have more child-friendly sizes, stronger tips, more colours  and changes made to their felt-tip pens, stamp pens, tempera paint, water colours, paper and scissors.

Designers Sarah Fager and Camilla Tubertini researched how to make meaningful improvements to MÅLA by going straight to the kid;. “I started by doing research and studied the way children create how they hold scissors, move a paintbrush across paper, what colours they like most and how they mix them,” Camilla says. “We wanted our art supplies to be inspiring for children to play with, both alone and together with siblings, friends or parents.”  Check out some samples below.

  • MÅLA felt-tip pens 1 of 10
    MÃ…LA felt-tip pens
    MÃ…LA felt-tip pens are easy to grip, washable and have stronger tips.
    Available in February at Ikea.
  • MÅLA watercolour set 2 of 10
    MÃ…LA watercolour set
    MÃ…LA watercolour set includes 14 colour tablets, 2 brushes and 2 water bowls in a plastic case.
    Available in February at Ikea.
  • MÅLA paint 3 of 10
    MÃ…LA paint
    An 8-piece set of tempera paint that includes basic, mixable colours—even pink and turquoise.
    Available in February at Ikea.
  • MÅLA paper pack 4 of 10
    MÃ…LA paper pack
    MÃ…LA paper is bleached chlorine-free paper.
    Available in February at Ikea.
  • MÅLA scissors 5 of 10
    MÃ…LA scissors
    There are two pairs in this pack: straight-edge and zigzag.
    Available in February at Ikea.
  • Easier Painting 6 of 10
    Easier Painting
    Smaller brushes have been included for smaller hands and steadier bowls that hold the paints for less mess.
    Available in February at Ikea.
  • Child-friendly sizes 7 of 10
    Child-friendly sizes
    New child-friendly sizes have been added to help those little ones with growing fine motor skills.
    Available in February at Ikea.
  • Mixing Colors Guide 8 of 10
    Mixing Colors Guide
    Included in the MÃ…LA tempura paint is a mixing guide to help little ones understand basic color theories.
    Available in February at Ikea.
  • Extra Safe Design 9 of 10
    Extra Safe Design
    The design of the MALA scissors is extra safe to minimize the risk of children cutting themselves.
    Available in February at Ikea.
  • Paper Pack 10 of 10
    Paper Pack
    Includes 154 sheets of different thicknesses and colours.
    Available in February at Ikea.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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