New for Your Sofia-Loving Princess

As I’ve mentioned before, my son is a HUGE Disney Junior and Disney princess fan — and that includes Disney’s newest princess, Sofia the First.

Sofia is sweet and kind and slightly awkward — which even captured my affection.

She quickly became so popular that Disney turned the movie into a TV series, which premieres today. So in honor of the brand new Disney Junior series, here are some “Sofia the First” products that your princess will love:

  • Sofia the First Costume for Girls, $39.50 1 of 13
    Sofia the First Costume for Girls, $39.50
    The newest Disney Princess dress-up gown — which will make any little girl feel like a princess.
  • Sofia Amulet Necklace, $9.50 2 of 13
    Sofia Amulet Necklace, $9.50
    And the amulet! The magical amulet that brings past Disney Princesses to help Sofia.
  • Sofia the Tiara, $14.50 3 of 13
    Sofia the Tiara, $14.50
    And what princess get-up would be complete without a tiara? This one is especially for a little Sofia.
  • Sofia the First Plush Doll, $19.50 4 of 13
    Sofia the First Plush Doll, $19.50
    After she gets all dressed up, she can carry around this miniature version.
  • Blue Bird Plush Toy, $8.50 5 of 13
    Blue Bird Plush Toy, $8.50
    Although the animals weren't as crucial a part of the movie, it seems like they'll be main characters in the TV show — which she can talk to.
  • Clover Plush Toy, $8.50 6 of 13
    Clover Plush Toy, $8.50
    Time will tell which characters your child take too...
  • Whatnaught Plus Toy, $8.50 7 of 13
    Whatnaught Plus Toy, $8.50
    Like Whatnaught, perhaps?
  • Robin Plush Toy, $8.50 8 of 13
    Robin Plush Toy, $8.50
    Or the talking robin bird?
  • Sofia the First Tee, $12.50 9 of 13
    Sofia the First Tee, $12.50
    And of course Disney rolled out a line of "Sofia the First" apparel — like this kids' tee.
  • Sofia the First Tee, $12.50 10 of 13
    Sofia the First Tee, $12.50
    Or this cute "Princess in Training" tee.
  • Sofia Nightshirt, $16.50 11 of 13
    Sofia Nightshirt, $16.50
    There's even a line of PJs, like this lovely, girly nightshirt.
  • Sofia Short PJ Pal, $18.50 12 of 13
    Sofia Short PJ Pal, $18.50
    Sweet dreams with Sofia close by.
  • Sofia the First Book and CD, $17.99 13 of 13
    Sofia the First Book and CD, $17.99
    And, lastly, this is something I'll definitely be picking up soon: the "Sofia the First" book!

You can buy ALL of these “Sofia the First” products from the Disney Store.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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