New From Canvas: Handmade Ceramics and Tableware

I love the Canvas home store! I went to their store in NYC last summer and was finally able to touch all their gorgeous products and see everything in person. They know how to set a table, that’s for sure, and lucky for us, they’ve just released a bunch of new products for the table and kitchen. From gorgeous handmade ceramic bowls to linen table runners, they’ve got everything you need to set a country feast for summer. I was pleasantly surprised by the prices, too. Take a peek at a few of my favorites, next.

  • Blue Ceramic Pitcher 1 of 14
    Blue Ceramic Pitcher
    This lovely painted pitcher is perfect for water, orange juice, or summertime lemonade.
    $35 at Canvas.
  • Ceramic Plates and Bowls 2 of 14
    Ceramic Plates and Bowls
    These ceramic plates and bowls have just a hint of color with blue and red trim.
    $9.50 each at Canvas.
  • Serving Bowls 3 of 14
    Serving Bowls
    These beautiful white bowls are great for everything from cereal to salads.
    $18.00 each at Canvas.
  • Blue Ceramic Egg Cup 4 of 14
    Blue Ceramic Egg Cup
    These lovely blue egg cups are perfect for a country breakfast!
    $3.75 each at Canvas.
  • Sponge Ware Plates 5 of 14
    Sponge Ware Plates
    These terra cotta paints are sponge painted by hand with a white and blue glaze.
    $17.00 each at Canvas.
  • Tinware Plates 6 of 14
    Tinware Plates
    These ceramic plates look like aging enamel, but are perfectly safe and brand new!
    $10.00 each at Canvas.
  • Striped Utility Vessels 7 of 14
    Striped Utility Vessels
    These painted ceramic holders are great for the bathroom or the kitchen.
    $38.00 each at Canvas.
  • Striped Mug 8 of 14
    Striped Mug
    This terra cotta mug is covered in a blue and white striped glaze and is microwave and dishwasher safe.
    $19.00 each at Canvas.
  • Pastel Dessert Bowls 9 of 14
    Pastel Dessert Bowls
    Serve up ice cream all summer in these pretty pastel dessert bowls!
    $5.00 each at Canvas.
  • Blue Ceramic Creamer 10 of 14
    Blue Ceramic Creamer
    This gorgeous creamer is glazed in a beautiful turquoise blue.
    $25.00 each at Canvas.
  • Ceramic Cutting Board 11 of 14
    Ceramic Cutting Board
    A ceramic cutting board is such a genius idea! It's easy to get clean and looks beautiful sitting on the counter.
    $17.50 each at Canvas.
  • Everyday Cutlery 12 of 14
    Everyday Cutlery
    These look just like some vintage cutlery we have in my family that belonged to my grandmother. The ebony handles are classic and so pretty for any table setting.
    $28.00 each at Canvas.
  • Hand Woven Linen Runner 13 of 14
    Hand Woven Linen Runner
    This gorgeous linens from Tunisia are multi-purpose. They can be used to dress a table, or to dress yourself- used as a wrap!
    $99.00 each at Canvas.
  • Aqua Nesting Bowls 14 of 14
    Aqua Nesting Bowls
    These handmade nesting bowls are perfect to serve appetizers and hold condiments.
    $20.00 each at Canvas.

All Photos: Canvas

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