Not So Fast! 5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a New Babysitter

If you ‘ve ever utilized the services of a babysitter or need to hire a new one, it’s important to consider a few things before you can feel comfortable and confident in leaving your kids with them. Sadly, there are a lot of sad stories making headlines and it’s essential every parent does their due diligence in hiring caretakers for children these days. Here are some very important things you’ll want to consider before you choose a babysitter for your little ones!

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  • Age Is Just a Number 2 of 6

    Babysitting is often thought of as a teen job, a great way for high school kids to make extra money on the weekends and in the summer. However, child caregivers are available in a range of ages so you'll need to zero in on a person based on qualifications rather than just an age. A 15-year-old sitter may be more responsible than a 25-year-old sitter. Don't look just at a person's age when making your decision. Consider the big picture.

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  • Actually Check References 3 of 6
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    When you request references from potential babysitting candidates, make sure to actually check them. You can gain a lot of perspective from hearing the experiences of other people, especially where reliability and responsibility are concerned. Talking to the kids the person sat for can also provide a lot of insight. If a potential sitter is not willing to provide references, move on to the next potential candidate. 

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  • Ask for Extra Qualifications 4 of 6

    When hiring a babysitter for older children, it may be good enough to find someone who has energy to match your kids' routines. For those hiring caretakers for infants and toddlers, it is highly recommended you also find out about certifications a sitter has such as CPR, emergency aid, and so on. Ask about driving records, car insurance, and other things that may come into play with your child's care.

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    You may just need a sitter for date night with your spouse, or you may need someone for several hours a day for after school care. It will benefit you and the potential sitter to write out an actual job description. Some people will hire a sitter but expect so much more. It is fine to want a babysitter that will also cook and clean, but make sure those expectations are laid out beforehand and that what you pay is fair for what the job entails. 

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  • Special Care Needs 6 of 6
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    Some children may require special care that just any sitter cannot safely or adequately provide. Children with special needs will require care outside of just supervision. You may need to contact professional service providers to find people experienced enough to handle situations that may arise. Experienced care providers may be better equipped to deal with food allergies or giving medications than a neighborhood teen. In the interest of safety for both your child and the sitter, be diligent about finding the right sitter for your specific situation.

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