17 Not-Too-Shabby Skirts From Shabby Apple

Last week I was browsing through Anthropologie and admiring their white tutus. Tutus! I am so glad tutus are in season! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anthro’s tutu reminded me a lot of the tutu I wore to the ALT Summit White Party last year, a tutu which was given to me by my good friend CK, who created and runs Shabby Apple. I am happy to report that Shabby Apple has restocked their white tutus this year!ย And then I thought I’d let you all in on my favorite shopping secret and show you more of my favorite skirts from the old ShabApp, because their line of skirts is maybe my favorite thing. (And their product shots get an A Plus Plus Plus from me.)


  • Curiouser And Curiouser Skirt 1 of 17
    Curiouser And Curiouser Skirt
    And freaking adorable! (Giant tea cup!)
    Get this skirt HERE, $65.
  • Bandersnatch Skirt 2 of 17
    Bandersnatch Skirt
    I've been looking for a good red maxi. Bingo!
    Get this skirt HERE, $72.
  • Race Point Skirt 3 of 17
    Race Point Skirt
    EVERYBODY needs a skirt like this.
    Get this skirt HERE, $53.
  • High Tea Skirt 4 of 17
    High Tea Skirt
    Everyone needs an accordion pleat skirt in their arsenal. They are so versatile!
    Get this skirt HERE, $69.
  • Foxhunt Skirt 5 of 17
    Foxhunt Skirt
    Get this skirt HERE, $69.
  • Music Hall Skirt 6 of 17
    Music Hall Skirt
    A slightly-less-costumey take on the tutu. I love that dusky blue!
    Get this skirt HERE, $76.
  • Jump And Jive Skirt 7 of 17
    Jump And Jive Skirt
    Perfect for dancing and easy to dress up or down.
    Get this skirt HERE, $58.
  • Little Susie Skirt 8 of 17
    Little Susie Skirt
    Perfect polka dots!
    Get this skirt HERE, $58.
  • Rock Around The Clock Skirt 9 of 17
    Rock Around The Clock Skirt
    This is a party skirt.
    Get this skirt HERE, $73.
  • Doorstep Skirt 10 of 17
    Doorstep Skirt
    Lace is such a fun texture to play around with when you're getting dressed in the morning. Chambray and a leather jacket for me, please.
    Get this skirt HERE, $68.
  • Hully Gully Skirt 11 of 17
    Hully Gully Skirt
    Manages to be fun and flirty but also respectable at the same time. Nice!
    Get this skirt HERE, $63.
  • Evening Skies Skirt 12 of 17
    Evening Skies Skirt
    How great are those scallops?
    Get this skirt HERE, $86.
  • Francine Skirt 13 of 17
    Francine Skirt
    Ridiculously figure flattering, this one.
    Get this skirt HERE, $36.
  • Summer Break Skirt 14 of 17
    Summer Break Skirt
    That giant flower is pure magic.
    Get this skirt HERE, $47.
  • Teacher’s Pet Skirt 15 of 17
    Teacher's Pet Skirt
    Graduated stripes! Perfect for the summer time.
    Get this skirt HERE, $43.
  • Tinsel Town Skirt 16 of 17
    Tinsel Town Skirt
    The best tutu on the market, I mean it.
    Get this skirt HERE, $62.
  • Tambourin Skirt 17 of 17
    Tambourin Skirt
    Obsessed with this.
    Get this skirt HERE, $78.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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