Old Cartoon Characters on Netflix + Facebook Profile Pictures

There’s nothing better than tripping down memory lane and enjoying classic, old cartoons (especially during the holidays!).  Did you know that you can still watch the old versions online and through movie websites? Many of them you can even watch instantly–favorites like Peter Pan (featuring the lovely Tinkerbell of course), Popeye and the Care Bears.  It doesn’t get better than a power trio like that!  Click here to find out where you can watch these old cartoon characters and to view the cutest pictures of Popeye and Tinkerbell:

To view the “watch instantly” versions, simply log into your Netflix account. Love that option!

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell – old version / Popeye – 70’s version  / Care Bears – more Care Bears

Anne of Green Gables – original 80’s version (had to throw that in because we love it so!)

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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