One-Piece Swimsuits:18 Anything But Boring Picks

When it comes to picking out a swimsuit, I tend to lean towards something with a bit more substance than your average bikini. Yup, I’m talking about a one piece. I know I know, so boring, right? Except not. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the amount of stylish and shape flattering one piece options out there, I know I was!

I’ve gathered 18 of my favorites in the gallery below, click through and tell me what you think.

  • Gap Polka Dot Bandeau 1 of 18
    Gap Polka Dot Bandeau
    A super stylish and affordable option from Gap.
    find it here for $59.95
  • Splendid ‘Marcel’ Bandeau 2 of 18
    Splendid 'Marcel' Bandeau
    How do you guys feel about bandeau suits? This one is so cool I just might have to try it out.
    On sale for $78.90 at Nordstrom
  • La Blanca Skirted Halter 3 of 18
    La Blanca Skirted Halter
    What a sweet little skirt!
    Find it at Soma for $129.
  • ModCloth Beach Blanket Bingo 4 of 18
    ModCloth Beach Blanket Bingo
    I've heard extremely good things about the suits from ModCloth, this retro cut looks so flattering and fun.
    Find it here for $89.99.
  • Caspian Paisley From J.Crew 5 of 18
    Caspian Paisley From J.Crew
    You can always count on J.Crew for quality suits, I am loving this green paisley.
    find it here for $98
  • Land’s End Striped Regatta 6 of 18
    Land's End Striped Regatta
    Land's End suits mean serious business in the quality and durability department. This stripey suit is delightful and the halter cut is great for those of us who need some extra support up top.
    On sale for $71.99!
  • Emblem Paisley Femme Tank 7 of 18
    Emblem Paisley Femme Tank
    How could you not love this suit? Another fine pick from J.Crew.
    find it here for $125
  • Skinny Stripe Bow Underwire 8 of 18
    Skinny Stripe Bow Underwire
    More fun stripes on this cute halter. Comes in two different chest sizes as well and thank goodness, because those things are not all created equal now are they...
    Find it here for $125.
  • Carmen Marc Valvo Retro 1-Piece 9 of 18
    Carmen Marc Valvo Retro 1-Piece
    Shirring on swimsuits offers such great camouflage. Love the bright blue on this suit.
    Find it here for $167.
  • Ruffle One Piece From Urban Outfitters 10 of 18
    Ruffle One Piece From Urban Outfitters
    Super cute detailing on this polka dot suit, maybe a great option for those of us with smaller chests, eh?
    $89 from Urban Outfitters
  • Michael Kors Ruffled Maillot 11 of 18
    Michael Kors Ruffled Maillot
    Lovely layers of ruffles to hide anything you don't want seen!
    $118 from Garnet Hill
  • Polka Dot Ruched Underwire 12 of 18
    Polka Dot Ruched Underwire
    The ruching on the sides cinches your waist in nicely and the underwire gives a little bit of shape just when you need it most.
    Only $86 from J.Crew.
  • Beach Halter From Land’s End 13 of 18
    Beach Halter From Land's End
    Sleek and sophisticated, this suit is a great option for long torsos.
    Find it here for $80.
  • 5-prickley-pear-tank-jcrew 14 of 18
    This one might be my very favorite option, I absolutely adore this suit!
    $82 from J.Crew.
  • DKNY Striped Scarf Print 15 of 18
    DKNY Striped Scarf Print
    Fun and funky from DKNY.
    A steal for $51.79!
  • Avalon Halter From Land’s End 16 of 18
    Avalon Halter From Land's End
    With sewn in cups and a tummy control lining, this suit is the answer to just about any problem area.
    $85 from Land's End.
  • Straight Cut Low Back From Zara 17 of 18
    Straight Cut Low Back From Zara
    Clean silhouette in a classic black suit from Zara.
    Find it here for $49.90.
  • Feather Paisley Blouson Tank 18 of 18
    Feather Paisley Blouson Tank
    A blousy fitting swimsuit? I'm curious! I have to admit it looks pretty perfect and promises to hold its shape. What do you think?
    Find it here for $88.

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