Open Storage for Your Kids' Toys: Yes or No?

Here’s an idea that could be really useful. Have your kids amassed a large collection of toy trains, or any other small empire of toys? Try arranging them in a display on open shelves. Bonus points if you do it by color! I can’t guarantee that order would fly for long in my house, but it sure would be pretty while it lasted.

And if you’re not tied to the color arrangement, it still looks nice to have the toys arranged on little shelves. I have a similar setup in my own home.

The shelves were arranged in that photo for my little girl, Eleanor, but I have an “August” name train for my little boy in that space now. You would think those shelves would be a nightmare to keep tidy, but the beauty of arranging the blocks helter-skelter is that they can all just be thrown back in random order.

What do you think? Would you try out open storage like this in your home?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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