Opposite of A Green Thumb? Give Succulents A Try!

Are you death to all houseplants, I sure seem to be! The lack of green in the landscape outside my window leaves me wishing I had more of a green thumb and less of a brown one. The answer? Succulents! Succulents are pretty much foolproof (from what I’ve heard), and I’m thinking even I could keep a few alive. I did some research and found a few great ideas and inspirations I put into the slideshow below, click through and tell me what you think!

Psssst… this article has some great information too!

  • Mason Jar Planter 1 of 10
    Mason Jar Planter
    The great thing about succulents is that they can grow just about anywhere. A Mason jar makes a fantastic looking planter!
    Inspiration via Style Me Pretty
  • Succulent Basics 2 of 10
    Succulent Basics
    This post has a lot of great information on managing succulents and how to trim and care for them properly.
    Details here from 3000 Tomatoes
  • Vertical Succulent Planter 3 of 10
    Vertical Succulent Planter
    I think a planter like this is a bit on the advanced end, but it's so cool! I'd love to have this at my own house.
    Details here from Brooklyn Limestone
  • DIY Succulent Table 4 of 10
    DIY Succulent Table
    This has me dreaming about summer nights spent outside on the patio. I'd love to have a table like this!
    DIY info here from Far Out Flora
  • Succulent Jungle 5 of 10
    Succulent Jungle
    There are so many different types of succulents, you can put together super fun planters like this. Totally jungle-esqe, right?
    Inspiration via Oh My Honor
  • Planter Inspiration 6 of 10
    Planter Inspiration
    Another great planter idea, you know, because everyone has giant glass vases hanging around, right?
    Inspiration via Style Me Pretty
  • Monogram Succulent Planter 7 of 10
    Monogram Succulent Planter
    Yeah...this is awesome. I need one of these immediately!
    Find it here from Etsy seller Rooted In for $89
  • Succulent Wreath 8 of 10
    Succulent Wreath
    You CAN plant succulents into a wreath and they'll survive...and thrive. Amazing!
    Pick it up from Viva Terra for $89
  • DIY Succulent Wreath 9 of 10
    DIY Succulent Wreath
    Don't want to spend $89 on that Viva Terra wreath? DIY your own version with these instructions.
    Details here from Prudent Baby
  • DIY Succulent Frame 10 of 10
    DIY Succulent Frame
    This is basically a smaller version of the large vertical planter you saw earlier. This lady made hers entirely from succulents she already had, wow!
    Details here from Life On The Balcony

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