15 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You Can DIY

Photo by Pernilla Hed for Skona hem

With summer drawing nearer, I hope to be spending more time outdoors, and I keep thinking about this outdoor kitchen I posted in the past on my blog from Skona hem magazine.  The idea of cooking outdoors for the summer when it’s so warm, really sounds like an excellent idea .  But we all can’t afford those beautiful outdoor kitchens, so I’ve come up with a few ideas to create a budget-friendly alternative. And when it could look as cute as this, it would be so fun to put together!.   Check out my ideas in the slideshow below.

  • FINTORP Condiment stand 1 of 15
    FINTORP Condiment stand
    By hanging a condiment stand or two, you'll be able keep things organized and create more space for your countertop. Attach them to the fence!
    Available at
  • Portable Electric Cooktop 2 of 15
    Portable Electric Cooktop
    Besides the barbecue, having an extra cooktop is a must. At different price points. From $15 - $200.
    This one available through
  • Saucepan with Lid 3 of 15
    Saucepan with Lid
    Add a saucepan or two from your indoor kitchen or new.
    This one available at
  • Don’t forget Lighting 4 of 15
    Don't forget Lighting
    Suitable for both indoors or out, grab a few lanterns to stay out after dark.
    Available at
  • Kitchen Cart 5 of 15
    Kitchen Cart
    To create a countertop, if you don't have something you can use from home, grab a kitchen cart, perfect for a portable surface and storage area for preparing food.
    Available at
  • Add Some Gingham 6 of 15
    Add Some Gingham
    To make things cosy, add a bit of gingham or big check fabric as a skirt around your workspace/cart. Black and white is a great color for outdoors.
    BERTA RUTA available at
  • Storage Tins 7 of 15
    Storage Tins
    Suitable to store coffee, tea and other dry goods. Canisters come in super handy for all kinds of things.
    TRIPP available at
  • Outdoor Portable Oven & Stove 8 of 15
    Outdoor Portable Oven & Stove
    How cute is this outdoor portable oven and stove? Perfect to keep the heat out of the kitchen for the summer but still able to bake those cookies.
    By Coleman, available at
  • Make Your Own Kitchen Cart/Sink 9 of 15
    Make Your Own Kitchen Cart/Sink
    A stylish DIY option if you have the handy tools and talent. The folks at Studiomama offer up a pdf on how to make your own.
    Available here.. Via
  • Make a Stand 10 of 15
    Make a Stand
    The folks at Skonahem offer some inspiration with a cosy little kitchen created in a half shed. Perfect for hanging pots and pans, etc from the wall.
    Photo by Madeleine Söder for Skonahem.
  • Inspiration from Denmark 11 of 15
    Inspiration from Denmark
    This adorable little outdoor kitchen is attached to a summer house. Notice the open shelving attached to the walls, along with 3 portable burners. Villa Else, Katrine Martensen-Larsen Stylist/Writer. Photograph: Stuart McIntyre
  • Cook Out 12 of 15
    Cook Out
    Like the hidden treehouse, build shelves and mini shelves for a compact yet usable outdoor cooking space.
    Via (Kyle Graham Photography).
  • DIY Pizza Oven Kit 13 of 15
    DIY Pizza Oven Kit
    If you can't afford to buy a pizza oven, or don't wish to make one of your own, this little pizza oven kit is perfect for outside.
    From The Gifted Man.
  • A Pallet Countertop 14 of 15
    A Pallet Countertop
    Build a countertop using the ever-adaptable and budget friendly shipping pallet.
    Image from
  • Crafty Kitchen Station 15 of 15
    Crafty Kitchen Station
    Sweet Paul created this outdoor workstation with items from IKEA. A wooden island and Ikea tea towels were used to hid away the odds and ends for storage. (Images: Studio Dreyer Hensley)

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