Pedal-Powered School Bus

Bicycle School Bus

Here’s a new weapon for fighting the child obesity problem in America—a pedal-powered school bus!

Bicycle School Bus

Designed by  German-based bicycle builder De Cafe Racer, the bike puts the antsy little legs of 10 children to work alongside an adult who controls everything from the front. An auxiliary electric motor is available on standby, just in case the kids petering out.


Take a peek at other pedal-powered options for carting kids from cargo bike specialist WorkCycles in the slideshow below (though not all kiddie powered like the one above).

  • DeRedding KDV 1 of 4
    DeRedding KDV
    Specially designed for kindergartens, the KDV carries up to 8 children and offers weather protection to keep them warm dry (€2,995 at WorkCycles). Hundreds of these are already in use by schools and day care centers in the Netherlands.
  • Onderwater Family Tandem 2 of 4
    Onderwater Family Tandem
    Kids get the full cycling experience by sitting on the front of this tandem. An additional child's seat can be added to make space for 3 kids. Wow! (€1,749 at WorkCycles)
  • Nihola Family Trike 3 of 4
    Nihola Family Trike
    This trike offers a cabin with room for 2 children 7-8 years old. (€2,150 at WorkCycles)
  • Cargobike Long 4 of 4
    Cargobike Long
    This traditional Dutch bakfiets has room for 3 kids or a baby and 2 kids. (€1,499 at WorkCycles).

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