Playrooms: Our Favorites That You Will Love

Do you have a designated space in your home that your kids can call their own? From toys, to the unlimited supply of interactive games and supplies, the playroom is a sanctuary for kids! Are you in need of inspiration for your playroom? We have found a few of our favorites that you will love. These rooms hopefully will inspire you in the decorating process for your own room! Furniture, color schemes and adding those special touches, are among the ways you can make a boring room into an inviting playroom for kids.

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  • Hang In There 1 of 10
    Hang In There
    With a playroom as nice as this, this house must be the toast of neighborhood playdates.
  • White-Out 2 of 10
    We love the clean lines created by the teepee, table, and set of blocks in this playroom.
  • Unplug and Play 3 of 10
    Unplug and Play
    This whimsical hideout just might be cool enough for your kids to finally stop begging for your iPhone.
  • Teepeek-a-boo 4 of 10
    This teepee seems ideal for adventure-filled sleepovers and playdates.
  • It’s a Jungle in Here! 5 of 10
    It's a Jungle in Here!
    With this cute decor, you could imagine you're dodging exotic plants and wild animals instead of sippy cups and Matchbox cars.
  • Simple and Chic 6 of 10
    Simple and Chic
    The soft colors in this playroom will make fans of muted minimalism happy — while the awesome easel and cardboard playhouse will keep kids entertained.
  • A Classy Campground 7 of 10
    A Classy Campground
    This tent is so cool, you might find yourself stealing some quiet time inside. The outdoorsy theme continues with sticks arranged in colorful vases on the wall.
  • Howdy, Partner 8 of 10
    Howdy, Partner
    This striking poster adds character to this otherwise simple playroom, perfect whether your little cowboy (or -girl) has to hit the books or round up some cattle.
  • Snuggle Up 9 of 10
    Snuggle Up
    With couches and a fireplace, we predict this cozy playroom will be especially popular during long, cold winters.
  • The Swing of Things 10 of 10
    The Swing of Things
    Wait — did you say playground or playroom? Either way, this swing-and-slide-packed playroom can't help but make us smile.

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