10 Super Photo Props! Pow! Blam!

Grab a camera, hand someone a speech bubble photo prop, and watch goofy photo magic occur. I’m fairly certain that it’s a scientific fact that people can’t control themselves when found in such a situation. Silly grins appear, poses are struck, and people “say” the darnedest things.

Below are 10 of the best word bubbles to try and DIY.

  • Word Bubble Props 1 of 10
    Word Bubble Props
    Super cute, and easy to make!
    Instructions on Armommy
  • Wouldn’t it be Nice 2 of 10
    Wouldn't it be Nice
    To have such a statement photo prop?
    Photographed by Segerius Bruce
  • Wooden Thought Bubble Chalkboard 3 of 10
    Wooden Thought Bubble Chalkboard
    In your choice of colors!
    Available from Five Acre Wood for $25
  • Western Word Bubbles 4 of 10
    Western Word Bubbles
    Y'all, if I could pull these off as a Chicago gal, I'd be all over them.
    Available from Angela Greliner, $15 for a set of 3
  • Texting Word Bubbles 5 of 10
    Texting Word Bubbles
    LOL! I had to look up SMH. WTF!
    Available from Lovingly Mine $14.95 for a set of 5
  • Chalkboard Speech Bubbles on a Stick 6 of 10
    Chalkboard Speech Bubbles on a Stick
    Perfect for group shots, and you can customize the sayings with chalk.
    Available from Incredibly Hip, $20 for a set of 3
  • Word Bubble Chalkboard Magnets 7 of 10
    Word Bubble Chalkboard Magnets
    Use them as photo props, then use them as magnets on your fridge. Your grocery lists are about to get real chatty.
    Available from The Cottage Market, $5 for a set of 3
  • Comic Book Photo Props 8 of 10
    Comic Book Photo Props
    Pow! Feel super hero-esque with these! Blam!
    Available from Be Bop Props, $15 for a set of 3
  • DIY Chalkboard Talk Bubbles 9 of 10
    DIY Chalkboard Talk Bubbles
    Here's a fantastic option to make yourself, from Babble's own Jordan Ferney!
    Instructions on Oh Happy Day
  • Speech and Thought Bubble Whiteboards 10 of 10
    Speech and Thought Bubble Whiteboards
    These are brilliant because the white background and black outline look the most comic book authentic, and you can change the sayings with a dry-erase marker!
    Available on Amazon here and for $19.95 each

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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