Printable Labels for Your Homemade Goodies

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I’m a lover of the pretty package, my extensive gift wrap and bobble supply is proof of this. Yet, I often find myself without a tag and usually end up make-shifting one at the last minute and the results aren’t so great. If you face the same predicament, especially around this time of gift giving, I’m sharing three printable tags that can be used all season long. They’re especially perfect for handmade holiday goodies.

  • Printable Gift Tags 1 of 7

    Make sure to clearly label your homemade treats so nobody things you scrimped and went store-bought. There are three free designs for you to choose from.

  • Three Free Designs 2 of 7

    Simply download and print (I sent it right from my phone to my HP printer) these tags so you're never stuck without something to top that pretty package.

  • Packing Supplies 3 of 7

    It's best to load up on packaging supplies before the holidays so you're ready to deliver that pie in style while it's still fresh. I printed and cut several sheets of the labels from my home HP printer so I always have some on hand.

  • The Components 4 of 7

    A pie fits perfectly into a round, paper mâché box that can be reused. Maybe to house a fancy hat.

  • Pie Packaging 5 of 7

    This packaging is quick and simple to put together. It will make your pie look all that more delicious.

  • Painted Box + Glass Bottle 6 of 7
    For treats of other varieties, paper mache boxes in any size made a little more fancy with paint and gold gilding are better looking than store bought tins. And if the treat is small enough, a glass bottle is the perfect vessel.

    For treats of other varieties, paper mâché boxes can be made a little more fancy with a quick coat of acrylic paint. And for smaller treats, don't overlook a basic glass bottle. 

  • Final Products 7 of 7

    Add the printable labels with twine and patterned tape. It would be fun to prep everything beforehand and have a wrapping assembly line. 

Click here to download and print the gift tags.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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