Project Runway: 5 Things Every Aspiring Fashionista Needs

Tonight is the night, fashion lovers. Project Runway’s 8th season is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. in a new 90-minute time slot. Woot!

I’ve written previously about translating a parent’s passion into gifts for their children (such as for music- and science-lovers), and fashion is no exception. ┬áMom’s excitement for Project Runway and all things fashion are quite contagious — and it’s not just about high heels and designer couture. It’s the industry, the artistry, the fashion history.

If you know an aspiring Project Runway fashionista, these are the five all-time coolest gifts to spark fashion inspiration in childhood. (Although I wouldn’t mind getting these for myself.):

(Photo via Blogging Project Runway)

1.Yves Saint Laurent Coloring Book

My round-up of the coolest coloring books was incomplete: This, my friends, is well deserving of a top spot. Future fashion designers can help finish iconic Yves Saint Laurent sketches with this French coloring book. It’s only available through, but don’t worry; they’ll ship to the States.

2. Twiggy Paper Doll Magnets

No fashion history is complete without a cameo by Twiggy — the original “model” as we think of the term — featuring some authentic 1960s mod clothes. This magnet set is actually made from vintage paper dolls from 1967, giving an accurate portrayal of this Flower Power era of fashion. Snag your own set at MSunflower for only $19.99. We know you want to.

3. My Wonderful World of Fashion: Activity Book

This insanely fashionable coloring book by Nina Chakrabarti has unfinished sketches (like the above shoes designs from Vivienne Westwood) as well as fashion how-tos (like how to make a sari) and historical fashion facts — from clothing to jewelry to handbags. The perfect Bible for mini fashionistas. Find it at Amazon.

4. This Little Piggy Went to Prada

A book of nursery rhymes, reworked with a fashionable twist.

5. Different Like Coco

For some bed-time encouragement, replace the generic Little Engine The Could with the inspiring story of how Coco Chanel changed the landscape of the fashion industry.

**Note: My lovely co-blogger Karen has some exciting news for us grown up Project Runway enthusiasts!


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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