Puffy Coat Meet Puffy Backpack. I Must Have You!

For years, the puffy down coat from such designers as Appaman has reigned supreme on the back-to-school circuit. Celebrities flaunted their not-yet-available-to-the-public versions and people waited in bread lines like back in my Russian homeland to get their hands on this hot little commodity.

So it was only a matter of time until “puffy” became the new black, turning into the must-use new material for all sorts of kids gear and clothing, think Puffy Socks, Puffy Shoes, you name it. Fortunately, Serena and Lily, being so fashion-foward and all, saw the possibilities and ran with it with the introduction of the new must-have item: THE PUFFER BACKPACK!

Click through for a rainbow of colors and your chance to win a backpack of your very own…

I tripe-love this puffer backpack for many reasons:

1. It’s gorgeous and so many colors. Think of these as the iPod of the backpack world. While I love all the backpacks in my roundup for Babble, I have to say I am silly crazy over these parka-inspired numbers.

2. It’s roomier than most packs so it’s perfect for older kids who actually have books, laptops and lunch boxes — and not just snacks jammed into their pack. It’s designed by a team based in New Zealand and features high-density, water-resistant nylon. Perfect for rainy days!

3. It’s lightweight. The puffy material is strong, but light enough so it won’t weigh them down.

Bottom line: This is the new back-to-school must have!

>> Ready to win one for your kid? Express your love for the Puffer pack here for your chance to score a green one of your very own!

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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