Put a Belt On It!

Add a belt to a dress to define your waist and bring in some color. Throw one on over a cardigan to give it some shape. Or you know, hold your pants up.

Here are some of the best belts out thereā€¦

  • Thrice-Around Belt 1 of 25
    Thrice-Around Belt
    A braided and tasseled glory, available in silver or gold.
    From Anthropologie, $178
  • Enameled Belt 2 of 25
    Enameled Belt
    This is the perfect skinny belt, no doubt. I love that the buckle matches the belt color, and it's available in six colors: black, green, silver, beige, red, and yellow.
    From J. Crew, $45
  • Geometric Cut-Out Belt 3 of 25
    Geometric Cut-Out Belt
    Perforations turn an otherwise plain belt into something special.
    From Gap, $44.95
  • Slouchy Bow Belt 4 of 25
    Slouchy Bow Belt
    A perfect little bow that isn't too little girl. Comes in pink or wine.
    From Anthropologie, $38
  • Sash Samba Belt 5 of 25
    Sash Samba Belt
    I love a good obi belt. Especially a good affordable obi belt.
    From ModCloth, $15.99
  • Canvas-Grommet Belt 6 of 25
    Canvas-Grommet Belt
    So awesome. I had a belt like this years and years ago, and I miss it. Time to replace it with this one!
    From Old Navy, $13.50
  • Arrow Tile Belt 7 of 25
    Arrow Tile Belt
    Like jewelry for your waistline.
    From Anthropologie, $68
  • Wide Leather Belt 8 of 25
    Wide Leather Belt
    Great double-buckle.
    From J. Crew, $68
  • Thistle Plane Belt 9 of 25
    Thistle Plane Belt
    Just gorgeous. Might be a little pokey though!
    From Anthropologie, $158
  • Skinny Belt 10 of 25
    Skinny Belt
    Think of this as Intro to Skinny Belts 101. Choose red, black, bronze, or leopard.
    From Old Navy, $12.94
  • Portable Pocket Belt 11 of 25
    Portable Pocket Belt
    OK, I don't know why I like this one when it is so obviously a version of a fanny pack. But I do! It's cute.
    From ModCloth, $19.99
  • Military Belt 12 of 25
    Military Belt
    The looped link details are killer.
    From Gap, $34.95
  • Candy Darling Elastic Belt 13 of 25
    Candy Darling Elastic Belt
    Lucite and gold for luxe, elastic for ease.
    From Kate Spade, $98
  • Leopard-Spot Belt 14 of 25
    Leopard-Spot Belt
    This is the perfect amount of animal print to add to an outfit. This one comes in a white version too.
    From Madewell, $45
  • Studded Leather Skinny Belt 15 of 25
    Studded Leather Skinny Belt
    Chic meets punk. Choose green or brown.
    From J. Crew, $39.50
  • Suede 3-Strand Belt 16 of 25
    Suede 3-Strand Belt
    The strands give a striped effect that looks fantastic. Choose black or brown.
    From Old Navy, $15
  • Luggage-Lock Belt 17 of 25
    Luggage-Lock Belt
    Classic, and available in deep green or wine.
    From Anthropologie, $38
  • Multi Stripe Stretch Belt 18 of 25
    Multi Stripe Stretch Belt
    An adorable belt to wear over solid dresses to give them more interest.
    From Loft, $29.99
  • Feather Belt 19 of 25
    Feather Belt
    Such a great color belt, and you could knock me over with a feather (literally) with that buckle!
    From ModCloth, $14.99
  • Webbed Canvas Stretch Belt 20 of 25
    Webbed Canvas Stretch Belt
    The mix of faux-leather and canvas is a good one. Choose black or navy.
    From Old Navy, $18
  • Metal Panel Skinny Stretch Belt 21 of 25
    Metal Panel Skinny Stretch Belt
    I love the polished front (perfect with pencil skirts), and the secret elastic in back makes it extra comfortable.
    From Loft, $29.99
  • Rhinestone Ribbon Sash 22 of 25
    Rhinestone Ribbon Sash
    Pretty enough for a wedding day, simple enough for beyond.
    From J. Crew, $155
  • Flat Hunting Belt 23 of 25
    Flat Hunting Belt
    The cream part has elastic in it for a perfect (comfy) fit, and the orange faux-leather gives a perfect pop of color.
    From ModCloth, $13.99
  • Crochet Hook Belt 24 of 25
    Crochet Hook Belt
    A big statement belt that's both cute and affordable! Choose black or ivory.
    From Anthropologie, $28
  • Banded Orbit Belt 25 of 25
    Banded Orbit Belt
    A classic equestrian-inspired style looks so good with dresses.
    From Anthropologie, $48

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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