Put Your Name on It: Personalized Notebooks

Do any of you remember being little and the class bully would grab your snack, notebook, pen, etc. You would instinctively say, “Hey, that’s mine!” And then the know-it-all kid would smugly say, “Is your name on it?”  It immediately became a losing battle because 90% of the time, your name wasn’t on it.  I never had a comeback line for that one. Did you?

Thanks to adorable personalized items, now it’s easy to claim your kiddo’s stuff. I came across these beautiful notebooks last month from Frecklebox. I think the artwork and themes are amazing because the boyish items are just as plentiful as the girlie items. Plus, they’re cool and functional.  If you go to the website, you can plug in your child’s name and see an instant preview. Fun!

Notebooks have 50 double-sided pages, printed with black ink on 60# white opaque text. The covers are printed in color on 110# gloss cover and protected by 5mil lamination. The outer edges are round cornered for safe handling. The book is wire-o bound and the final size is 8.5″ x 11″.

In addition to being a super item for your back-to-school kiddos, they make great gifts. It might take a little planning, so file this idea away in the “creative mommy” corner of your brain. If you have time, check out the retro lunchboxes because they feature many of the same themes as the notebooks. You know, for the child that c-o-o-r-d-i-n-a-t-e-s.  (Get a load of the Girl’s Dream theme lunchbox. I think I had a puffy paint t-shirt with that artwork back in the day!)

Shop personalized notebooks on Frecklebox. They retail for $9.95 each.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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