Put Yourself First: A Hair Beauty Tip To Save You Time

Two small people, a business I run on my own, constant deadlines, a husband, a house…It is chaos. And probably, in some fashion, my life mirrors yours. We are always running. There is always something to be done, some place to be, someone else who needs help – whether that is one of our kids, the school, a friend or a client.

This means the time we get to dedicate to ‘us’ is  not only precious, but it might very well be only minutes a day, unless you have managed to perfect a strategy of truly putting yourself first — and if that is the case — call me. I need to do what you are doing!

In the meantime, let’s focus on the small ways we can save time and feel great.  I don’t know about you, but one of the things that takes the most time in my life is doing my hair — and by ‘doing’, I mean washing, drying and styling. In fact, it takes so much time, my kids complain when they see me hopping out of the shower with wet hair. I digress. So, I’m diligent about the time I choose to do this.

I do not, DO NOT, wash my hair every day. In fact, I only wash my hair every four to five days (six, if I’m lucky!)  But I refuse to LOOK as though I’m unkempt.

Here’s my trick to saving that hair washing time:

Do you have any beauty time-saving tips that get you through your day or week? Share away…. you know I would LOVE to try them.

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