Put Your Self First: Creating Space In Your Closet For the Style You Need

Tell me you have done it too – stood in front of your closet madly trying to remember where you put your favorite sweater, scarf, pair of boots…  I can’t be the only one who swears they are going to organize their closet next weekend.  Except next weekend never seems to come. And then suddenly, there I am, standing in front of that same closet again – mad at myself for having pushed this task to the bottom of my list once again.

I’ve come up with a solution: baby steps.  Clearly, I am never going to dedicate the full weekend to organizing my closet that it would require, but I most certainly need to make some changes. So, the best solution is to start small: tackle the items I know I will need to find for this season.  In this case, it is imperative that I find the items that help me make it through the Fall and Winter months.

To know me is to know that I adore all-things-warm-weather.  This means the only thing I really love about the cooler months are the fashions that accompany them.  But how can I appreciate them, if I can’t find them?  I decided I needed to do something about this problem.  I had spent one too many mornings and evenings panicked, unable to find the one item I know I had somewhere.

So this is what I did to get started.

What tricks do you use in your home to keep your closet organized? Please do share – as I’m sure you saw in the video, I have a long way to go.

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