Romantic Wall Art for Lovers from Etsy

Reaching decorative compromise in a marriage isn’t always easy, even when both partners have similar tastes.

When it came to redecorating our master bedroom, my husband and I agreed on just about everything – paint color, draperies, and bedding – until it came time to hang pictures. While I had a whole wall gallery of our family in mind, my husband couldn’t stand the idea of filling our bedroom with pictures of us, you know, the people who lived there. “This room shouldn’t be a shrine to our faces!” he lamented, “It should be a shrine to looooooove,” as spoken in his best ’70s porn star impression… you know, in a way that begs you to take a shower.

“Hey,” I thought, “Maybe he’s on to something. Maybe I could make this a  romantic room!” And just like that, I was off in search of romantic wall art.

  • Romantic Wall Art for Lovers from Etsy 1 of 20
    Romantic Wall Art for Lovers From Etsy

    Take a look at 20 romantic pieces of wall art to inspire love in your home!

  • Cupid’s arrow 2 of 20

    Don't you just love Cupid's arrow in the shape of an ampersand between two initials? Minimalist in design and lavish in theme, this print says it all with only three symbols.

    Available from Etsy's HuntersPlace; $20+

  • When you are in love 3 of 20

    Everything is different when you are in love. Celebrate the love that makes life so sweet in your home with this print.

    Available from Etsy's designedbywink; $24.49

  • Scrabble letters 4 of 20

    "Love" may earn you 7 lucky points in Scrabble, but in life it's worth everything.

    Available from Etsy's SmokinMudProductions; $40

  • Two people fell in love 5 of 20

    You met, you fell in love, you created a beautiful life, a beautiful home, and perhaps even beautiful children — yep, all because two people fell in love. Celebrate the magic of love in your home with this profound print.

    Available from Etsy's InkaDinkDesigns; $8

  • Xo 6 of 20

    Love can be found in the most unlikely places and this 4x6 photograph serves as a beautiful reminder.

    Available from Etsy's AlphaNUMERICphoto; $8

  • Hello Kiss 7 of 20

    This "Hello Kiss" pop art inspired print adds a playful romance and burst of color to any room of your home!

    Available from Etsy's PFKimmerle; $15

  • I’m so happy 8 of 20

    Celebrate how far you've both come in your relationship with this sweet typography print.

    Available from Etsy's GraphicAnthology; $18

  • Love state map 9 of 20

    Who says only "Virginia is for lovers"? There's love to be had wherever the two of you are.

    Available from Etsy's TessylaPrints; $28

  • Love is all you need 10 of 20

    The Beatles told us love is all we need, and we're inclined to agree — especially when it comes to this darling burlap wall art.

    Available from Etsy's Bannersforall; $10

  • Long distance love map 11 of 20

    Long distance relationships are among the most challenging. Celebrate the love you share in spite of your distance with this chalkboard design love map.

    Available from Etsy's Printsinspired; $23.99

  • Midnight Kiss 12 of 20

    This romantic print on antique dictionary paper is a steal at only $3! Oh, and it reminds us of The Notebook, or more specifically, Ryan Gosling...

    Available from Etsy's PopSheek; $3

  • Love story 13 of 20

    Every moment of your love story deserves to be celebrated and with this unique love story wall print, you can!

    Available from Etsy's HoneyLemonDesigns; $30+

  • Tree of Life 14 of 20

    A bold shot of color brings this tree of life to life! Personalized with your names, this print beautifully illustrates how your love grows ever stronger with each passing year.

    Available from Etsy's SassperryDesigns; $28+

  • Forever my always 15 of 20

    Simple and profound, this proclamation of eternal devotion is as romantic as it is lovely.

    Available from Etsy's aLittleBirdTweetme; $18

  • Forever 16 of 20

    Signify that you've found your happily ever after with this precious print!

    Available from Etsy's evesand; $18

  • Family dates 17 of 20

    Love is a blessing, and with this charming family dates print, you can recognize the important moments that made your family all that it has become.

    Available from Etsy's CarLynnCreations; $22

  • Infinity 18 of 20

    Are you and your mate birds of a feather for all of eternity? Then this is the print for you!

    Available from Etsy's scadesigns; $10

  • I love our love 19 of 20

    Your love is as unique as the two of you are. How sweet to proclaim how much you love your heart's place in it.

    Available from Etsy's BentonParkPrints; $12

  • Graffiti heart 20 of 20

    Hearts can be found in the most in the most unlikely places, both in nature and on the street.

    Available from Etsy's shyphotog; $15

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