13 Gift Ideas for Your Perfectly Royal BFF

We all have that friend who woke at dawn to watch Will and Kate exchange their vows, who waited anxiously for the arrival of George and Charlotte, and who reads every gossip mag’s latest Harry update. (Is he seriously dating Pippa?! No, we refuse to believe it.)

To be honest, am that friend. Yes, Royal Fever is alive and well within me. Which works out well for you, dear reader, as I am uniquely qualified to provide you with gift ideas for the royal-obsessed friend in your life (13 to be exact).

Image Source: Babble
Image Source: Babble

1. Blue Magnolia Bone China 4-Cup Teapot

Every self-respecting Brit (and wannabe Brit) must have a proper teapot in their possession. After all, there’s nothing more quintessentially British than enjoying a spot of tea (preferably on a rainy day with a scone and clotted cream).
Available now for $31.99

2. Queen Victoria Christmas Tree Ornament

Every tree needs a bit of royal treatment, and who better to grace one’s evergreen than Queen Victoria herself?
Available now for $20

3. Royal Arms Tankard

Your friend won’t be able to help but feel like royalty when sipping from this tankard made from English fine bone china and 22-carat burnished gold. (Gosh, I felt fancy just writing that!)
Available now for $59

4. “I Don’t Care, I Prefer Harry” Tote

Well, obviously.
Available now for $16

5. Buckingham Palace Jam

This jam pot is so pretty, your friend won’t even want to open it! But she should because the jam is made in England from the finest ingredients and is available in strawberry, black cherry, and blackcurrant. Yum!
Available now for $16

6. Union Flag Pillow

For a classy touch of English pride, this pillow could fit in just as easily in your friend’s home as it does Buckingham Palace.
Available now for $65

7. Royal Carriage Tablet Case

How darling is this tablet case?! Honestly, it makes for the perfect fairytale ending to her work day.
Available now for $20

8. The Adventures of Alice Leselles

Queen Victoria herself wrote this book when she was 10 and 3/4 years old. It’s the story of Alice Laselle, a student at Miss Duncombe’s school for girls, and the mystery of who put the cat in Miss Duncombe’s kitchen. Really, does it get more adorable?
Available now for $15

9. Royal Corgi Wash Bag

Washing up has never been so cute. Beauty supplies store neatly in this compact bag, decorated with Queen Elizabeth’s favorite pup, a Royal Corgi.
Available now for $23

10. Great Exhibition Cake Stand

This exquisite floral cake stand is perfect for entertaining and was even designed with the same pattern Queen Victoria used in 1851. 164 years later, it’s still the perfect display for cucumber sandwiches.
Available now for $144

11. Buckingham Palace Lavender Hand Cream

Give her the gift of smelling like a queen with this calming lavender hand cream, made from Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and essential oils.
Available now for $20

12. John Lewish Country Bear

This country bear makes the perfect companion for the little royal in your life. Complete with tweed jacket, red pullover, and a “smart” shirt and tie, he’s a true English gent.
Available now for $35

13. God Save the Queen Apron

She may not be the Queen of England, but she’s the Queen of her household and that position demands respect (and often a good deal of fear). Tell her to free to wear this apron while barking orders and sipping on a wee bit of port — it’s her duty as sovereign!
Available now for $30

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