Rue Online Magazine: A Revolutionary Way to Shop for Busy Moms & Dads

Everyone, I have a secret. As much as I’ve enjoyed blogging for Family Style these past few weeks, I have a weakness for pretty print magazines. I love the smell of glossy paper, I love flipping through the pages, and I love drooling over all the products and clothing and gadgets in all their full-color glory.

But I came across something in the digital world yesterday that makes the heart of this die-hard print fan beat a little faster. Rue magazine, an online interior design publication with a focus on blogging (I’ll explain how very soon), just launched its premiere issue–and it’s absolutely brilliant.

Not only does Rue present the reader with decliciously large images displayed in beautiful layout like any other traditional magazine, it hyperlinks every imaginable part of its pages possible. Whether you’re hovering your mouse over a stunning dress, tasteful vase, or designer’s website, a pop up link that you can follow will appear.

Honestly? I think this might just revolutionize the way we shop online. Here’s why:

Remember those days of lusting after darling baby shoes or designer strollers — then forgetting all about them after you shut the magazine, because you’re too busy or lazy to log online and type in urls right then and there? Gone. With Rue, purchases will be a click away. It’s not just a matter of instant gratification — it’s a matter of convenience for mom and dads. Need, see, have!

Check out these cool thumbnails to see how it works. But I have to warn you: this ingenuity is really much easier to experience than to simply read about here, so you’ll also have to see it for yourself. Rue Executive Editor and Co-founder, Anne Sage, will also be soon blogging for Family Style — so let’s show her some love!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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