Say Goodbye to Kodachrome: Say Hello to HipstaMatic!

It’s a  sad day for old school  film buffs, today Kodak is closing their last operational Kodachrome processor.  Kodak stopped making the film back in 2009 and now they are finally shutting down the plant that processes the once uber popular film that lived for a long 75 years.

There was a mad rush for Kodachrome enthusiasts to get their film developed before the plant shut down for good.  The New York Times wrote about a man that developed 1,580 rolls of film at a total of about $15,000! Now that’s being a film fan.

What is replacing that look of Kodachrome? Many are turning to HipstaMatic. To those who haven’t joined the HipstaMatic cult yet (and yes, I am a proud member), it is an iPhone app that gives really cool old school looking filters that take your iPhone pictures and make them vivid works of art.  Their “Kodot” filter gives the look of Kodachrome. And the best thing, you don’t have to pay for all those processing fees!  But if you do want to have hard copies, you can have your photos professionally printed (the old fashioned way with chemicals and archival paper) via HipstaMatics, HipstaMart..

You can find out more about HipstaMatic here and download the app for yourself!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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