Shop for Autism Awareness: 10 Etsy Finds

April is National Autism Awareness Month, which stands to reason there is no better time to show a little support for this worthy cause than right now. The Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon is the most commonly recognized symbol of autism all over the world, drawing critical attention to the disorder which is thought to affect as many as 1 in 88 children. These days it’s even easier to show your support with a host of beautiful products designed by Etsy artisans — bracelets, necklaces, even keychains! Read more about National Autism Awareness Month and click through for 10 beautiful Etsy finds created in support of Autism awareness!

  • Support Autism Awareness and Put on the Puzzle! 1 of 11
    Support Autism Awareness and Put on the Puzzle!
    Click through for 10 awesome Etsy finds created in support for National Autism Awareness Month!
  • Puzzle Ribbon Necklace 2 of 11
    Puzzle Ribbon Necklace
    This puzzle ribbon necklace is the ultimate show of support, boasting a pretty silver chain and a colorful ribbon charm.
    Get it for $20 from Jenn's Handmade Jewelry.
  • Puzzle Ribbon Pin 3 of 11
    Puzzle Ribbon Pin
    These simple fabric ribbon pins are sold individually or are available in bulk for the whole family or a group!
    Get each pin for $0.50 from Cure With Color.
  • Personalized Puzzle Necklace 4 of 11
    Personalized Puzzle Necklace
    This puzzle necklace is simple and chic and it can even be personalized with your name or the name of a loved one who has autism.
    Get it for $19.95 from Moonstone Creation.
  • Puzzle Charm Necklace with Crystals 5 of 11
    Puzzle Charm Necklace with Crystals
    I love this puzzle charm necklace which boasts pretty charms in the autism awareness colors!
    Get it for $18 from Autism Love Hope.
  • Puzzle Charm 6 of 11
    Puzzle Charm
    Perfect for clipping to your purse, a keychain or even a necklace, this puzzle charm is so pretty and it's available in gold or silver tones.
    Get it for $15 from I Candy Crystals.
  • Personalized Puzzle Charm Necklace 7 of 11
    Personalized Puzzle Charm Necklace
    I adore this puzzle charm necklace which can be personalized with a name - and you can even pick the color of the pearl, too!
    Get it for $46.50 from Shiny Metals.
  • Puzzle Piece Necklace 8 of 11
    Puzzle Piece Necklace
    This necklace is perfect for the lover of more modern design! It comes personalized and features a cool cut-out puzzle piece.
    Get it for $36 from Beautiful2U.
  • Puzzle Bracelet 9 of 11
    Puzzle Bracelet
    This dainty puzzle piece bracelet is a super stylish and pretty way to show your support for autism awareness!
    Get it for $18 from I Candy Crystals.
  • Painted Puzzle Frame 10 of 11
    Painted Puzzle Frame
    This puzzle frame is cheerful and colorful and hand-painted with love.
    Get it for $9.99 from The Celtic Heart.
  • Puzzle Fabric Wreath 11 of 11
    Puzzle Fabric Wreath
    The perfect piece for showing your support, I love this colorful fabric ribbon wreath for adding a punch of colorful awareness to your front door!
    Get it for $30 from Tara Mitchell.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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