Sitting Pretty: 25 Perfect DIY Pouf Tutorials

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What is round and puffy and doubles as a foot rest, pet bed, floor cushion, throw pillow, reading nook, landing and launching pad? Give up? That’s right this little round burst of color we call a pouf. For adults it’s a great place to rest your tired feet and adds to the home decor. For kids it’s a much different story. Poufs just happen to be the perfect size for leaping onto, rolling across the floor and crawling all over. Either way you look at it a pouf can be enjoyed by the young and old (including your pets) and looks great in a home. There are basic square poufs for the beginner sewer and moroccan poufs for those more advanced, even knitters can whip up a beautiful knitted pouf. You can find these poufs and many more in our round up of 25 DIY Pretty Poufs to Make…

  • Pouf 101 1 of 25
    Pouf 101
    Brighten up your home with a color wheel pouf.
    Find out more at Design Sponge.
  • Poufs for Kids 2 of 25
    Poufs for Kids
    This adorable pouf was made for a little man who likes to spend all day sitting at his train table.
    Get the tutorial at Decorating the Dorchester Way.
  • Getting Tribal 3 of 25
    Getting Tribal
    This pouf proves that a unique fabric can really make it pop.
    Get the tutorial at Brittany Makes.
  • Prettiest Pouf 4 of 25
    Prettiest Pouf
    And it won't break the bank.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Easily Portable Pouf 5 of 25
    Easily Portable Pouf
    Adding a handle to your pouf makes it easy to move from room to room.
    Find out more at Living With Punks.
  • Modern Beanbag 6 of 25
    Modern Beanbag
    Consider using beanbag beans or one of these filler alternatives inside your pouf.
    Get the tutorial at Apartment Therapy.
  • Oversize Poufs 7 of 25
    Oversize Poufs
    This follows a basic pouf tutorial but pumps up the size for extra cushion.
    Check it out at Young House Love.
  • Rollie Pollie Pouf 8 of 25
    Rollie Pollie Pouf
    Learn the basics for making a rollie pollie pouf that fits inside a removable slipcover for easy washing.
    Find out more at So You Think You're Crafty.
  • The $3 Pouf 9 of 25
    The $3 Pouf
    Use a cheap throw rug for the body of your pouf.
    Get the tutorial at Dollar Store Crafts.
  • Knitting a Pouf 10 of 25
    Knitting a Pouf
    Knitted poufs are appearing all around and their prices can be sky high so try making one of your own.
    Find out more at Pickles.
  • Durable Denim Pouf 11 of 25
    Durable Denim Pouf
    Make a pouf that can handle all the jumping, rolling, tossing and other wild ideas little rascals can come up with.
    Find out more at MIchele Made Me.
  • Reading Nook Pouf 12 of 25
    Reading Nook Pouf
    Sew up a square pouf that fits perfectly in the corner of your reading nook.
    Get the tutorial at Kayla Danelle.
  • Party Dress Pouf 13 of 25
    Party Dress Pouf
    Don't spend a cent by turning an old party dress of yours into a pouf.
    Find out more at Bromeliad.
  • Shag Pouf 14 of 25
    Shag Pouf
    This mama used old baby clothes to add shag to her homemade pouf.
    Check it out at Zay and Zo.
  • Potato Stamp Pouf 15 of 25
    Potato Stamp Pouf
    Decorate a DIY pouf with potato stamps and fill it with poly-fill and towels.
    Get the tutorial at The Cre8tive Outlet.
  • Bedding Filled Pouf 16 of 25
    Bedding Filled Pouf
    Use old duvets and pillows to fill this puffy square pouf.
    Find out more at Choo Cha Handmade.
  • Pillowcase Pouf 17 of 25
    Pillowcase Pouf
    Make a small pouf to add extra cushion to chairs around your home.
    Get the tutorial at Houzz.
  • West Elm Inspired Beanbag Cube 18 of 25
    West Elm Inspired Beanbag Cube
    Find out how to make a pouf that looks like one from West Elm.
    Get the tutorial at The Ochre Elephant.
  • Beautiful Moroccan Pouf 19 of 25
    Beautiful Moroccan Pouf
    If you have the time and dedication this moroccan pouf is the way to go.
    Find out more at Textile Love.
  • Nursery Pouf 20 of 25
    Nursery Pouf
    Instead of using poly-fill or beanbag beans consider making a pouf with round foam cushions inside.
    Check it out at Domestic Adventure.
  • Pouf Pillow 21 of 25
    Pouf Pillow
    If you want to add a pouf to your home but don't have the space, decorate your couch, bed or chair with a pouf pillow.
    Spotted at Prudent Baby.
  • Felt Flower Pouf 22 of 25
    Felt Flower Pouf
    Make a pouf or give an old one new life by adding felt flowers all over.
    Find out more at J and J Home.
  • A Knitted Pouf… 23 of 25
    A Knitted Pouf...
    You don't actually have to knit.
    Find out more at Style-For-Style.
  • Coffee Sack Pouf 24 of 25
    Coffee Sack Pouf
    Get the tips and tricks for making a pouf using a coffee sack.
    Find out more at The Country Chic Cottage.
  • Pouf for Your Chateau 25 of 25
    Pouf for Your Chateau
    A pretty pouf for sitting and enjoying a cup of tea or resting your tired toes.
    Check it out at A Jennuine Life.

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