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Designed by Russian architects Arch Group, the Sleepbox is a tiny hotel room for napping at airports.


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    The Sleepbox unit at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport has two beds and can be rented for 30 minutes to several hours.
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    The pod has LED reading lamps as well as outlets for charging laptops and mobile phones.
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    The pod provides moments of quiet sleep and rest without wasting time searching for a hotel.
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    Possible future locations for the Sleepbox include railroad stations, airports, exhibition centers, and shopping centers.
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    In warm areas, the pod can be used outdoors.
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    The pod allows everyone in unforeseen circumstances to spend a night safely and inexpensively or simply to kill a few hours without leaving their luggage.
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    The small size allows the pod to be easily placed near gates in airports, the area where travelers have to spend hours waiting for their delayed flights or transfers.
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    Arch Group currently offers versions of the Sleepbox with one, two, or three beds.


Visit the Arch Group website for more information.


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