Sneak Peek! Brand New 2011 Two-Seater Bugaboo Donkey

In my opinion, Bugaboo really created the modern stroller “revolution”, and in a way it is still the stroller that all other strollers are measured against. But for families that wanted to have a two-seat stroller, Bugaboo had nothing for them. That is, until the newly released Bugaboo Donkey.

The Bugaboo Donkey is a side-by-side two seat stroller that can also convert into a single seat stroller (with a handy storage bag on the side. When the stroller is in the solo configuration, it measures 23.6 inches at it’s widest point and holds a seat and a storage bag. When the stroller is in two-seat or duo mode it expands to 29 inches wide (which will still fit through a standard 32 inch door frame).

The seat and stroller itself has all the features you expect from Bugaboo. The seats can be placed facing forwards or backwards (or both at the same time), they recline into multiple positions, and have a fully adjustable harness. The stroller chassis folds into two-wheel mode as well as folds up for stowing it away. It has adjustable handles, 10 inch and 12 inch double layer anti-puncture tires and handles pretty much like a Bugaboo, except a little bigger. In fact, when I asked why they didn’t make a tandem stroller, the answer was because they didn’t feel a tandem stroller had the maneuverability that a side-by-side stroller had.

The Bugaboo Donkey will be available at launch in six fabric choices in the Spring of 2011 (in the US, UK, Spain and Holland). There is no price yet, but you can check out all the info (as well as videos) at –Chris Ford

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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