Socially Responsible Styles: 5 Fashion Brands That Give Back

We all love to shop (or at least I do), but shopping can feel that much better when you know your purchase is giving back to the world. Companies like TOMS, The Keep Company, Bamboula, Loomstate and Indego Africa have all created their businesses with that mission in mind. Whether it’s doing your part to help the environment or giving shoes to a child in need, shopping will never feel the same once you’ve checked out these Socially Responsible Styles: 5 Fashion Brands That Give Back…

  • The Keep Company 1 of 10
    The Keep Company
    The Keep Company is all about being personal and helping others along the way. As they say, they are 100% cruel free.
    Buy The Ramos Kids Shoe for $35 at The Keep Company.
  • The Keep + Animal Collective 2 of 10
    The Keep + Animal Collective
    Each shoe in the collection is designed by a member of Animal Collective. This shoe comes with a custom shark pattern, canvas body and custom cup sole. The project goes to benefit the Socorro Island Conservation Fund.
    Buy it for $75.00 at The Keep Company.
  • Bamboula 3 of 10
    Bamboula works to help those in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania by providing them with work and income.
    Buy this Kenyan tote for $52 at Bamboula.
  • Bamboula + Artisans 4 of 10
    Bamboula + Artisans
    All purchases made directly contributes to the economic and social well being of African artisans.
    Buy this Ghana Table Runner for $53 at Bamboula.
  • Loomstate 5 of 10
    Loomstate believes in being environmentally responsible by making high quality clothing with sustainable textiles and innovative means.
    Buy the Iro Maxi Dress for $240 at Loomstate.
  • Loomstate + Environment 6 of 10
    Loomstate + Environment
    In order to keep the soil fertile and people healthy, Loomstate made the transition from conventional cotton to organic.
    Buy an organic V-neck for fall for $40 at Loomstate.
  • TOMS 7 of 10
    TOMS is all about one for one, which means with every pair you buy they give a new pair to a child in need.
    Buy the Kids Camel Academy Plaid shoe for $38 at TOMS.
  • Toms + South America 8 of 10
    Toms + South America
    TOMS seeks inspiration from all over the world. The Kilim shoe is inspired by the rich colors and patterns of South America.
    Buy the Kilim Women's Classics for $53 at TOMS.
  • Indego Africa 9 of 10
    Indego Africa
    Indego Africa is a nonprofit dedicated to helping women from Rwanda become entrepreneurs by generating a sustainable income and long-term skills.
    Buy the Kaleidoscope Plateau Basket for $44 at Indego Africa.
  • Indego Africa + Education 10 of 10
    Indego Africa + Education
    Indego Africa uses profits from sales to develop training programs and educational classes for the artisans.
    Buy a head wrap for $25 at Indego Africa.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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