Somewhere: Stay at the Chateau Marmont – As Seen in Sofia Coppola's New Film

Sofia Coppola seems to have a thing for hotels. Her film Lost in Translation was based in the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, and her new film Somewhere celebrates a Hollywood landmark…the Chateau Marmont.

This Sunset Boulevard hotel was build back in 1927 and was based loosely on a historic chateau in France. And the Chateau Marmont has seen some pretty stellar stars come through their doors.  A few include Greta Garbo, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jim Morrison, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Jean Harlow, Judy Garland …an eclectic and interesting mix spanning decades. It just shows that the Chateau Marmont never goes out of style…

Sofia Coppola opted to have her main character – played by Stephen Dorff – live at the Chateau Marmont saying, “When I started writing my script I thought of this bad-boy character, and thought, ‘Of course he has to live at the Chateau.’ ” And the neat thing about this movie site, it’s not a closed set. Anyone can stay at the Chateau Marmont! And if your kids are interested in Hollywood history, or just wanted to stay someplace that looks like your in the middle of France (with just more star sightings), it’s a cool place to go. There is an epic lobby and a great pool for them to splash around in. But glamour like that doesn’t run cheap. It costs about $500 a night.

You can find out more details right here.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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