Free Printables: Spooky Halloween Covers for Your Favorite Books

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Mere mortals look away, but witches behold the three most coveted titles for your library. These chilling books hold many secrets … and the biggest one is in their making! Crack one open and you’ll quickly divine that you’ve been tricked – these clever covers are merely a disguise.

How can you turn your books into spooky Halloween classics? It’s so easy! First, click here to download the free printable book cover templates and cut to fit any books you have.

We designed each cover to fit a popular title that you just might have in your library:

2-Free-Printable-Halloween-Spell-Book-Covers 3-Free-Printable-Halloween-Spell-Book-Covers


Next, use the cutting guides on the template to trim off the top and bottom, or use your own book as a guide to trim the cover to the correct height.

5- Free-Printable-Halloween-Spell-Book-Covers

Wrap the trimmed cover around your book tucking the ends inside. You’re done!

6- Free-Printable-Halloween-Spell-Book-Covers

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