Stroller Bag or Diaper Bag? You Decide!

We interrupt The Hills finale to bring you what…another diaper bag? Forgive me if I act the die-hard, nappy bag skeptic again,┬ábut don’t moms have enough stuff that weighs us down.

Let’s just say the idea of slinging another item on an already overloaded stroller leaves me tepid at best. But then I saw the Magic Stroller Bag in action. And I realized that no, this isn’t just a diaper bag. It’s a stroller bag, which apparently makes all the difference.

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Magic Stroller Bag

Lightweight and portable, the Magic Stroller Bag slings easily on to any umbrella stroller and comes in a cute pouch that unzips onto itself. Just open, pop the two metal rings on either side and prepare for a perfectly balanced, weightless and stylish strolling experience. If you need to run around after junior, just attach the strap and wear the bag messenger style, stroller or no stroller.

Magic Stroller Bag

So there I was mesmerized and ready to buy only to find out the bag was only available in France. It figures! The first diaper, er…stroller bag I would actually consider buying, and the French have got the monopoly on style as usual.

Fortunately, the wait is now over. The founder of Pint Size Social managed to get her hot little hands on it so you can strut your stuff down the street without falling over your feet.

Order it now from Pint Size Social’s new pop up shop!

>> GIVEAWAY: Tell us what bothers you most about your current diaper bag and you might just get to exchange it for this sleek number!

Photos: Magic Stroller Bag

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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