8 Stylish Bicycle Accessories for Springtime!

There’s no reason bicycling has to involve spandex shorts and functional, but ugly accessories. Here are some lovely accessories to make bicycling pretty and fun this year. My favorite is the reflective bow you can attach to your helmet! So genius!

  • Pink Backpack 1 of 8
    Pink Backpack
    Add a dash of color to your daily commute with this pink backpack. It also comes in mint green!
    $69.95 AUD Cycle Style.
  • Wicker Basket 2 of 8
    Wicker Basket
    Secure this wicker basket to the front of your bicycle, and you'll be able to carry everything you need.
    $28 Papilllionaire.
  • Bell 3 of 8
    These bells come in an array of bright colors!
    $10 Public.
  • Bern Helmet 4 of 8
    Bern Helmet
    The Bern helmets are classic and don't draw attention to themselves!
    $59.99 Bern.
  • Seat Cover 5 of 8
    Seat Cover
    Keep your bike seat dry with this adorable gingham cover!
    $23 Eleanor's.
  • Bike Lock 6 of 8
    Bike Lock
    This bock lock protects like the normal cable lock but looks much more stylish with the natural rope cover!
    $65 Eleanor's.
  • Saddle Bag 7 of 8
    Saddle Bag
    Carry important items without having to haul a bag on your trip with this English saddle bag.
    $200 Adelaide Adelaide.
  • Reflective Helmet Bow 8 of 8
    Reflective Helmet Bow
    Add a bow to your helmet for a cute, girly touch! Bonus: the bow is reflective so it's a great way to make sure people see you when you are riding at night.
    $16 Adelaide Adelaide.

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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