Tea Towels Almost Too Pretty To Dry Dishes

For their summer collection Howkapow decided to introduce you to some colorful new designs from a range of different illustrators. They’ve got pretty designs for every taste from vintage to modern, and you can see them all here. They are all £10 (with free postage if you’re in the UK) and pretty enough to simply just display. Who wants to dry dishes anyway?

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  • Pink Lemonade Anyone? 1 of 8
    Pink Lemonade Anyone?
    A Victorian Pink Lemonade tea towel by Gillian Kyle. The design is inspired by a brand of Scottish Lemonade from the early 1900s.
    Available at Howkapow £10.
  • Clever! 2 of 8
    I love the idea of having a set of tea towels around that shares month by month a seasonal guide to eating and growing fresh vegetables and flowers. Designed by London-based designer Stuart Gardiner.
    Available at Howkapow £10.
  • Donut Lovers Tea Towel 3 of 8
    Donut Lovers Tea Towel
    Who doesn't love donuts? Designed by Bristol illustrator Lucie Sheridan, this tea towel is covered with sweet pink & yellow donuts, and hey! No calories!
    Available at Howkapow £10.
  • For the Wine Lover 4 of 8
    For the Wine Lover
    This tea towel set is designed to help you decide whether to serve red or white wine with your meal. Brilliantly designed by Stuart Gardiner.
    Available at Howkapow £10.
  • Let’s Be Nice 5 of 8
    Let's Be Nice
    Designed by Hazel Nicholls, this tea towel 'It's Nice to be Nice' is a lovely reminder that it's always much easier to be nice than it is to be naughty!
    Available at Howkapow £10.
  • Dance While You Do The Dishes 6 of 8
    Dance While You Do The Dishes
    It's much more fun to dance while doing your dishes. Turn up the volume and do a few twirls while you get those dirty after party dishes out of the way.
    Available at Howkapow £10.
  • Life Giving You Lemons? 7 of 8
    Life Giving You Lemons?
    When life gives you lemons, perhaps go for something just a bit stronger like a lovely Gin & Tonic! Love this cheery yellow & white tea towel!
    Available at Howkapow £10.
  • For the Mid-Century Modernist 8 of 8
    For the Mid-Century Modernist
    This Gray and Orange geometric patterned tea towel is inspired by all things mid-century modern. Vintage looking with a modern twist.
    Available at Howkapow £10.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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