Teeny Tiny Terrarium Tools from Terrain

I recently made my first terrarium after having put it off for way too long, and I loved the result so much that now I want to make a million more. Or you know, at least one more. So I’ve been looking at containers, and while browsing the terrarium supplies at Terrain (of which there are many), I stumbled upon the cutest miniature gardening tools. Take a peek…

  • Wood and Steel Terrarium Tools 1 of 6
    Wood and Steel Terrarium Tools
    Hellooooo, Barbie gardening props. For all the mini photoshoots you have planned (in your head), or for added adorableness to your plant displays. Whatevs.
    Available at Terrain for $40
  • Terrarium Tweezers 2 of 6
    Terrarium Tweezers
    OH my gosh, don't tell me you were considering using standard tweezers. Psshaw.
    Available at Terrain for $12
  • Plant Mister 3 of 6
    Plant Mister
    Well, aren't I embarrassed. I've been using a hot pink plastic spray bottle that I picked up from the beauty supply store for $1. (For real though? This is beautiful.)
    Available at Terrain for $20
  • Terrarium Rake 4 of 6
    Terrarium Rake
    Sure, turn your nose up at the zen garden as a passé 90s fad. If this doesn't foretell where terrariums are headed…
    Available at Terrain for $18
  • Steel Snips 5 of 6
    Steel Snips
    I mean, sure, you could use scissors, but these are special little snips with their irresistible minimal design and fancy Japanese design. Give in.
    Available at Terrain for $20
  • Small Planting Tool Set 6 of 6
    Small Planting Tool Set
    Mini, Swedish, expensive, and comes in its own gift box. You know you want it.
    Available at Terrain for $108

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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